100 Day Marathon Plan PDF free download


Featuring over 130 jam packed pages, the 100 Day Marathon PDF free download is quickly turning into the ultimate training program for both new and struggling marathon runners on the planet today.

You see, that’s for a good reason, since the 100 Day Marathon PDF free download has been thoughtfully designed and created to help you run much faster coupled with better results than you have ever accomplished. The guide easily and quickly accommodates to your needs, despite the level of fitness or track speed that you have.

The book itself has been broken down into 9 different training schedules all designed to help you reach your goal. You simply decide upon the perfect schedule depending on your needs and abilities, and you’re ready to go! There are also workouts based on your functioning heart rate and specific running times that you aim to accomplish. You are always in the perfect zone without risking your health with these workout programs.

Actually that’s not all that’s included with the 100 Day Marathon Plan PDF free download. There are also videos, lots of interesting videos. There is over a dozen instructional videos where you are walked through each and every schedule. The different core principles of each schedule is explained thoroughly so you feel confident to proceed with the one that best meets your needs. Further more, there are another 10 videos which cover topics such as the right running shoes, running form and even how to bring strength training into your program for optimal results.

The whole guide is designed as a program, so you’re able to prepare within 100 days for your marathon. Once you’ve read the guide, you’ll be given complimentary access into the members only area, where you can post questions and we answer them personally. You can also read the FAQs that thousands of others have asked us and we’ve answered in great detail.

So once you download the 100 Day Marathon PDF, you’ll realise that you have the very best marathon training program that others wish they had. You will discover right away how and why these powerful methods contained within the book will work perfectly for you. You will be turning into a significantly better runner in no time, feeling much more confidence as your running times get faster and faster.

A positive change is just around the corner. Continue to focus on reaching your running goals, celebrating each and every victory. Take charge of your life now, remembering that the sky is the limit. :)

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