1969 Ford Car Shop Manual PDF free download


1969 was a wonderful time in the automotive industry. With many wonderful, powerful cars in the line up including the Cougar, Falcon, Mustang and Thunderbird, the Ford Motor Company certainly were on to a great run!

At the time, there were many 1969 Ford Car Shop Manual PDF free download copies available in hard copy format for people who have purchased one of these vehicles. Unfortunately, over the years, many of these manuals have been misplaced or destroyed. Luckily, the internet has meant that these manuals can be accessed immediately as a PDF download, meaning you can read them on the PC, MAC, smart phone, laptop or even your Kindle. You can even print them off and laminate them for use in the workshop.

The 1969 Ford Car Shop Manual PDF free download is the same one used by the mechanics that Ford employed as a means to assist them in the repairing and mechanical/electrical maintenance that these vehicles required at that time. There are many sections within the manuals, and they go in dept to assist you to understand and repair the major systems.

The guides are written in plain English, perfect for both the beginner and expert in mind. They are absolutely full of illustrations, easy to understand instructions, photographs and evevn diagrams which will assist you in identifying and repairing your car. The guides themselves have been licenced and approved for use by the Ford Motor Company, and cover a range of models including:

  • 1969 Cougar Manual PDF
  • 1969 Falcon Manual PDF
  • 1969 Fairlane Manual PDF
  • 1969 Mercury Manual PDF
  • 1969 Mustang Manual PDF
  • 1969 Thunderbird Manual PDF
  • 1969 Meteor Manual PDF
  • 1969 Montego Manual PDF
  • 1969 Lincoln Manual PDF
  • 1969 Continental Manual PDF
  • 1969 Continental Mark III Manual PDF

All these manuals and many more are available for instant download that we have placed a link to at the bottom. Remember that these come as an instant download and that no shipping charges are applicable. You are welcome to use these manuals as many times as you would like. We wish you all the best with the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle, and most importantly, we hope you share our passion for many enjoyable years to come.

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