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Singing is one of the most fun and enjoyable activities in the world. I remember, I used to sing in front of my parents whenever I want something. Haha, Kidding. Whether you’re singing for an audience or just serenading someone special, you want to impress them. Isn’t it fun when people admire what your doing. I do love when I hear people sing. It’s like angels singing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Not in months but in days. No one wants to hear a poor singer. So don’t be one. Learn how to sing. You can improve your voice with these lessons and tips today. Straight from your computer straight from your own comfort.

I will be teaching you ways and means on how to work that singing voice in you. This program is for you if:

  • Karaoke Singer- You want to know all the “5 Point Singing System free download” secrets so you can walk in and win the next competition
  • Beginner Singer- You have never taught voice before and you need a reliable system created by an award winning professional to gain more students and expand your teaching repertoire.
  • Professional Singer- You will wow your audiences by sounding more amazing than ever.
  • Music Producer- You love working with singers, but don’t quite understand how to communicate with them well. This is the solution to communicating and getting the best performance possible out of your client when they are standing in the vocal booth and the red light is on.
  • Songwriter- You have the most amazing songs inside you and always have to rely on someone else to sing them for you. You will learn all the secrets of becoming a great singer so that YOU can be the one to deliver your heartfelt music the way you meant it to be.

When you jump into my “5 Point Singing System,” you’ll be awestruck, with how quickly your voice will improve and you will gain the confidence to sing anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone.  Nothing but the FEAR of not really knowing how to sing, is what kept you from getting out there and doing it.

The “5 Point Singing System” gives you EASY to follow steps to become the singer you know you can and WANT to be. Your friends will be blown away by the change in your singing! But that won’t even matter, because you’re not learning to sing for them… you’re learning to sing because of how YOU WILL FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • This beautiful 116 page E-manual to easily guide you through every step of the “5 Point Singing System”. All the knowledge I’ve collected in my 30 year professional career packaged up for you now
  • Oodles of video tutorials to SHOW you how to perfect each POINT to reach vocal goals you have always hoped for.
  • Bonus Chapters on Studio Singing, Background Vocal Singing, Stage Performance Tips, Creating Emotional Moments and MANY more
  • Access to “Ask Angela” any questions you may have about the system or your vocal challenges on the pointsingingsystem.com website

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