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Are you in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s whose into some guitar actions? Don’t you worry, age is not a hindrance for you to learn guitar! This I promise you! Learn to play guitar not in years or months!  But in the next few days, you heard it right!

Many questions raised why Adult Guitar Lessons?

  • Fast and easy video lessons
  • Start from scratch
  • Over 100 lessons from beginner to intermediate
  • Unlimited one-on-one Email coaching
  • Learn to play songs from “our generation”
  • Guaranteed results, even if you’re a complete beginner!

Busting Common Guitar Myths!

What’s the hardest thing about getting started on guitar? Sometimes it’s just a matter of breaking down and dispelling some common myths and misconceptions. See if any of these sound familiar.

  • Myth – You have to study music theory to get good on the guitar.
    • Fact – Some of the greatest guitar players of our generation never studied music theory or cracked open a music book. In fact, many never even took guitar lessons! Think… Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Clapton and more.
  • Myth – You have to practice scales over and over to be able to play lead guitar.
    • Fact – While a certain knowledge of scale “patterns” is important, learning how to mindlessly play scale notes up and down the neck has little to do with truly making music with your solos.
  • Myth –  You have to spend hours on repetitive guitar drills and exercises to teach your fingers how to play.
    • Fact –  Any dog can be taught new tricks through repetition. Mundane drills and exercises will make you a good robot, but will not necessarily turn you into a good guitar player.
  • Myth –  You have to play really fast, to be really good.
    • Fact – There is a fixation with today’s generation on playing guitar really fast. It may be impressive from a mechanical point of view, but speed licks do not really “say” anything musically. Think…B.B King.
  • Myth –  You have to be in your teens or twenties to really learn how to play guitar.
    • Fact – Younger guitar students are often unencumbered with raising families and working, and as a result, have more time to practice and make progress. Adult students, however, typically have more patience and are able to focus more closely on their studies. Progress may be slower, but the “quality” of the progress is heightened.
  • Myth –  You have to take the latest “flashy” guitar lessons program designed for (and taught by) kids, to learn how to play guitar.
    • Fact – A recent Gallup Survey showed that 59% of music makers are under 35 years old. As a result, most lesson programs target this age group. Luckily, today you’ve discovered a guitar lessons program developed specifically for “our” age group, without the flash!

Enough of the babbling! How much is this worth?

  • Private guitar lessons typically range from $25 to $30 per lesson. If you paid a private instructor for the over 100 lessons you get with you could easily spend over $2,500!
  • Home Study DVD and Book courses often cost as much as $150 to $200 and above. Plus you have to keep up with course materials that can be lost or scratched. And, they cannot be updated without re-ordering.
  • Many online courses charge monthly subscription fees of $10 to $20 making the cost of just one years worth of lessons as much as $120 to $240 or more!
  • With free access, your Full Access Premier Membership, which includes all the Beginner Guitar Lessons, Intermediate Guitar Lessons, Lead Guitar 101 Lessons, our popular “Cool Lick Series”, PLUS, Unlimited Course Updates, AND, Unlimited Email Coaching – for a small, one time investment of only $47 ! (Special Introductory Limited Offer) Your Membership Never Expires!

There is absolutely NO RISK with your Adult Guitar Lessons free access.

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