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Earn $100,000 a year just selling and making music! And you feel like I’m joking? As a matter of fact, I am not! I’ll be telling you my not so little secrets! Let us discover this amazing formula that really sells music like crazy! Erase the money, getting started and website traffic problems and the list goes on and on. As you go over every word on this website you will be (amazed and stunned) at what you’ll learn about making money in the music business using THE Amazing Music Formula! This eBook reveals inside secrets GUARANTEED to ramp up your success in the music business!

At last, you can grab information that will allow you to move forward in the music business with unbelievable success. You will discover things about the music industry you always wanted to know. I give you detailed inside tips with “The Amazing Music Business Formula” that can have you putting hundreds of dollars in your pocket, getting hundreds of fans to your shows or thousands of visitors to your website.

Here is a fun fact: Millions of people Record and Produce Songs in the music business submitting demos daily to A&R reps or Record companies…and here is what 99% of them have to say when the demo arrives…  SO WHAT!

So I created this eBook after teaching several of my good friends and giving hundreds of my customer’s tips on how to turn their passion for music into money. I really wanted to help them. Time after time I found that I was presenting methods over the phone or at Atlanta Falcon games and Sports bars and this was doing them no good because they were forgetting half the things I gave to them.

So what do you get?

  • How to GUARANTEE 4,000 visitors to your  website
  • 5 Ways To Get Radio Play For Your Music
  • 38 Press Release spots to help your exposure
  • How to get MTV & VH-1 to promote you as an artist or band
  • 5 websites that bring me over 10,000 visitors a day
  • Where to get guaranteed music industry contacts
  • How to produce your own video
  • The 1st question you must answer to promote your music

With “The Amazing Music Formula”, you can do MUCH MORE than start a business worth $100,000…or more per year…

… You can use the information to gain ridiculous amounts of traffic to expose your musical talents to A&R reps or to Recording Companies to get signed! Imagine how your fan base and popularity will grow when you place these simple yet powerful techniques in place! PLUS — imagine taking your music promotions one step further…. And selling “1,000’s of CD’s, lyrics or beats” while you sleep at night.

With “The Amazing Music Formula Free Download“, the only limit is your imagination.