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Wouldn’t you go wow if I can show you how to widen your ballet technique in the shortest time possible?

I got the opportunity to teach hundreds of aspiring ballerinas in the last few years and impart to them the secrets of prima ballerinas and world renowned dancers.

Introducing: The Ballet Bible PDF Download – The 3 Simple Rules of a Prime Ballerina

The inspiring Ballet Bible PDF has but a single goal: To be clear on how to improve your ballet moves that you will be wondering how on earth you could have gotten so far without the 3 simple rules of a prima ballerina.

I will have failed if I only do what other guides do. They show you WHAT to do. I take you by the hand and coach you on exactly HOW to do it.

This book will basically teach you how to dance like a pro. It’s as if I am standing right next to you while you go on and make a move.

In this guide I not only show you how to do a movement or gesture correctly, but I also show you how most dancers do it incorrectly, and I tell you WHY. No other book I have ever read shows you this. It is a fundamental aspect to learning. If I show you how NOT to do a movement you will have a better understanding of what compromises the correct form. You will automatically see improvement in your dancing.

Here is a small list of some of the things you can expect from The Ballet Bible – The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina.

  • How to succeed as a dancer
  • What you should look for in a dance teacher – If you don’t know what to look for you could end paying good money for bad advice.
  • The History of Ballet – Learn How and Where ballet got it’s form and its significance in today’s dancing.
  • Ballet Class – From Adage to Pointe. Learn how a class is structured and the significance of each part.
  • French Terminology – How to decipher common words.
  • Incorrect diagrams.
  • Ballet Style – Learn the difference between everyday movement and ballet movement – Includes detailed pictures and explanations!
  • How to make sure you are not weakening your muscles or unbalancing your joints. Many dancers compromise their training with poor habits outside the studio.
  • Learn the best practice exercises to train your leg muscles and prepare you for pointe.
  • How to pose for maximum impact… learn how to use your whole body so that the audience understands exactly what you are saying without thinking twice.
  • How to develop your own unique style and personality to your mime
  • You won’t be bored with uninteresting detail while you fall asleep.

Here’s How You Can Get
The Ballet Bible – The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina through PDF download.

P.S. – I should warn you… prepare yourself for faces of shock and amazement when people see your new improved dancing ability. Your confidence is about to skyrocket.


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