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Tired of same old beats you play when DJing in a party or in a club? Ever wanted to have around 1000 new beats to jive up your party? New beats that is made by renowned DJ’s all over globe. Could be yours!

License and Download 1000+ beats with a membership at a very reasonable price! And new beats uploaded daily!

Not Ready To Buy? We are the only site that supplies you with a database full of hundreds of high quality beats. No “per track fees.”

Choose from 39 Genres and styles. From Hip Hop to Reggae and to Hard core beats!

Here’s why you should download this deal:

  1. Download all of our royalty free beats, sounds and accapellas as a member!
  2. Hundreds of Sound Effects, Instruments and Accapellas of your favorite artists!
  3. Record your audio live and pick and choose from different beats!
  4. We add new beats and sounds to the database
  5. Gigantic database of the hottest sounds for your studio

Beats365 free download Members can download hundreds of Tracks, Beats, Instrumentals, Hundreds of Sound effects, Nature Sounds, Instrument Sounds and More, anytime they want, as well as market their music to record labels, distributors, and license individual tracks and music that Jamie Lewis of Champ Entertainment creates and posts on Beats365. An affordable one-time fee will apply in order for you to become a member, it is quick, easy and powerful.

There are a lot of Beats Download around the net, some of them are even giving it out for free but here in Beats365 we will be having a one time membership and you will have instant and unlimited downloads faster than anyone can imagine. Here are some things why you should get this download:

  1. We have lifetime access, once you paid the one time membership, you will have unlimited access.
  2. How many beats available for download? 1000 MB of beats! -That’s 24 hours of instrumentals. You will have 15 cd’s full of hundreds of over-the-top sick ass beats by Jamie Lewis AKA Nebula One.
  3. Every style imaginable!

    39 Genres of my hottest beats ever.

  4. You can download every beat in the site. No questions asked
  5. HD Beats available
  6. You can contact me anytime, anywhere.

*YOU can DOWNLOAD as many of our tracks as you like, as many TIMES as you want, and record your battles online with other members! All this for a ONE-TIME fee of $29.95. No catch, no recurring fees and NO LIMITS!

*YOU WILL RECEIVE EVERY TRACK you have heard so far on this site, and HUNDREDS more are JUST AS HOT!

The BEATS are High-quality and UNTAGGED -(Without the girl’s voice).

You will get our entire package of beats and membership for only $29.95! And take note its a One Time Deal! Only for you!

Members of my site can also reach me on my phone with AIM. If you have any questions, they can be answered here.
We also upload new tracks and new resources to our database. I’ll say it again!

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