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Although there are many movie roles in the world that need filling, a scant few are starring roles for that irresistibly charming, fabulously talented actor around whom directors craft top movies. To get your star on the Walk of Fame, you need plenty of luck and talent. Don’t invest in those Revo sunglasses yet–years of hard work lie ahead.

There is no lie within my words. I am here to give you instant access to a database of every entertainment royalty: producer, director, actor contact information. These big names are looking for new stars in the industry and as for today or onward you could be that lucky one. Not only will you be able to do that, I will make sure that you will learn everything that is written on this 66 page guide and will guide you and give you valuable information about the industry that you so desperately crave, and last but not the least, how you could manipulate this information and get started as an actor right away wherever, whenever.

Here are some sample instructions that you will encounter in this guide:

  1. Start early. Try out for parts in school plays, community theater, anything that gives you stage time.
  2. Take acting lessons from an accredited local theater company or university, or a professional actor’s studio.
  3. Audition for school films, indies and low-budget films
  4. Look good. This isn’t necessary for every role, but the better you look, the more buzz you’ll get. In fact, if you look good enough, you can skip all the other steps. See 28 Get a Drastic Makeover.
  5. Choose your films carefully. It may be impossible to predict a hit–in fact Hollywood is littered with stories of actors tuning down a role that turned out to be a sensation–but pick roles (and directors) that will further the development of your craft.

So what will you get from this report?

  • 66 pages insider information of the industry
  • Writing the perfect resume (with resume example)
  • How to become an actor and pursuing a career in acting
  • Finding auditions and get started immediately
  • Access to a database of famous producers in hollywood
  • How to handle scene situations with ease
  • Becoming a master at memorizing lines
  • Full tutorials on the horror, comedy and drama genres
  • All Acting terms
  • Valuable information on title roles
  • Becoming a movie star as a kid
  • Free lifetime membership on our official members area
  • and much much more

These .PDFs Are Automatically Included In Your Purchase!

Bonus #1: Tips On How To Easily Get Signed In Hollywood
Bonus #2: Tips For Your First Audition
Bonus #3: How To Easily Become A Cash Machine As A Screenwriter (And how to become one)
Bonus #4: Rules That Every Upcoming Actor Should Know
Bonus #5: Memorizing Lines Like The Famous Actors

Being a movie star is hard work. Nearly every day there is a meeting to go to or a mall to shop at. Also, you don’t just pop up on the red carpet saying “I’m ready for my close up.”. You have to work hard a prepare for a long wait.

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