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Drums are usually played by striking with the hand, or with one or two sticks. In many traditional cultures, drums have a symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies. Drums are often used in music therapy, especially hand drums, because of their tactile nature and easy use by a wide variety of people. Thinking about drums, you vision hot guys and gals striking 2 sticks at the same time. People who do drums are cool. Way much cooler than guys who plays guitar. But thinking about playing it is not in your wildest dream. YOU wanted to play but the instances such as what drum to use or how to play it is bugging in your mind.

Begin drumming is the right site for you. We will teach you drums fast and easy. Straight in your comfort. Your Path to PRO Drumming Ability Revolutionary Multimedia Drum Training System!

What you will get from this awesome download:

  • 4 hours of Video Lessons- Aspects of drumming from holding the sticks and the basic stroke types, through to playing all the important drum rudiments, and all the drum beats for today’s Rock styles
  • 198 Audio Files- Downloadable as MP4 or Windows Media files. This means that you can either watch them on your computer, or transfer them to your portable media player, so that you can watch them on the go, or even right at your drum kit!
  •  Photos, Text & Graphics- Each lesson comes with text and graphics which can be viewed on the screen, or printed out for use in the practise room. We’ll even supply all the material in one file so you can print it out and bind it as a book if you prefer. “Begin Drumming” started life as a book, and that is why you’ll find it really clearly and simply laid out.
  • Complete Sheet Music- These are laid out in a convenient and simple format so that you can download just the ones that you need to help you learn the patterns. Play them from the computer, or stick them on an mp3 player or CD to help you at the drum kit!
  • PERSONAL Support
  • 100% File Compatibility

You can get regular lessons from a teacher which is great – but it will COST YOU! The average drum student pays $1536 per year for lessons! And you can’t even guarantee that every lessons will be worthwhile… For a very strictly limited time I’m offering you over a years worth of PREMIUM lessons for less than 4% of that. (This discount may be removed at any time without notice due to strict limits on the number of these deals I can offer.)

No Gimmicks, No Fancy Bonus Deals – Just the quality tuition you need!

Of course I could have split this up into ten different products, or I could claim that each individual beat was a different “lesson”, and I’m going to give you hundreds of them as extra bonuses, but I’m not going to do that.

I’ll leave all the sets of steak knives out of this deal – because I know you don’t need them. I’m about giving you everything you need to sound great on drums, and nothing extra to just waste your time!

To learn the amount of material that is included in Begin Drumming from a private teacher would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

With Begin Drumming free access you get exactly what you need, and it only costs $49.95 for a twelve month membership.

Twelve months is all you need, and remember that you can download everything, so even if you don’t complete all the lessons within the twelve months you will be able to download them all and complete them in your own time.

If You Don’t benefit – You Don’t Pay!

I’ve spent years putting together and refining this program, and I know that it works, but I understand that you might still be hesitant to see if this program can deliver what you need to learn the drums.

If you choose today to join with a full membership of Begin Drumming you can try out all the lessons and see how much you can benefit from the full program.

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