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Too much TV without even learning something; Too much computer games with violence; Too much readings that doesn’t even teach them something. Kids nowadays are so imaginative, they think so much of the things they see and learn. Worst is that they even put to life some of the things they learn. As a parent you give what is best for your children, bringing them to famous and best universities. Giving them the best gives you personal satisfaction, right? Have you heard of an online community designed for your kids? That only give the best for them? Giving them personalized books, games, videos etc. that is designed for them? Then you are in the right track! You are giving your kids the best while seeing them having fun!

Welcome to Bizzy City!

An Entertaining and Educational Online Experience in a Fun, Safe Environment!

Bizzy City was perfectly tailored to provide your child a positive, beneficial online experience free from the potential negative influences found on the internet. Bizzy net is a website with a mini-web community for your little ones; tweens and early teens, where they can have fun online with educational books, games, videos, tv shows, movies, music, news, social networks and more. Knowing that you are Parents who gave what is best for your children including their educational and social needs this site offers an alternative to the internet at large in a safe and protected environment.

Bizzy City free access features the following:

  • Bizoo offers hundreds of wildlife and nature videos. Your child will delight in the variety and quality of the up-close encounters with animals from all over the world. Only in this site wherein you can see up-close encounters with animals
  • Corner’s Bookstore- If your child loves books, this is where you will find them in Bizzy City. From classic literature to contemporary fiction, the shelves of Corner’s Bookstore are filled with an immensely colossal cull of classic audio books, online print books, and podcasts that are felicitous for all ages. Designed for kids. 100%
  • BZTV features classic and contemporary television series and programming in a wide variety of categories such as adventure, comedy, cartoons, history, science and sports. The episodes Episodes within series are individually screened and selected based on positive themes and family friendly criteria.
  • Your kid is a game addict and you wanted him to play but a least he is having fun. Fun Games 24 showcases a huge arcade of 300+ hand picked online games from one of the internet’s largest game maker. Categories include: Action, Adventure, Board Games, Customize, Driving, Education, Puzzles, Rhythm, Sports and Strategy. All games are selected from appropriate themes for your child. Additional features include game rating so that other players can benefit from your child’s opinion. As always, parents should monitor all entertainment however This is responsible online gamer.
  • Bizzy City Cinema shows vintage full length movies that are appropriate for all ages. From classic adventure to comedy to musicals, Bizzy City Cinema is the safe choice for movies.
  • Kids Tube is our child appropriate version of the mega video site, a younger version for Youtube.
  • WBZC is the place to be for all things musical. Your child will learn how to play guitar and other instruments
  • The Source gives them the latest news in your country. Updated all the time
  • As your child grows up and spends more time in the cyber world, social communities will indubitably be component of their experience. For those parents who want to sanction their child to interact with others online, we offer our Friends Cafe as a way to introduce them to social media in a gated, safer environment.

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