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I am indeed a Pro in the Fashion Industry, having been in business for the past 27 years I have shared every moment, tears and victories to friends and my wonderful family.  This really opened my eye that I should share my knowledge, experience & contacts which have led to outstanding & continuing achievement in the fashion industry.This is the right place if you seek the know how, advice and fashion contacts needed for success, the wrong place for fashion news, gossip & pictures, there are many other sites and blogs which offer that. has been created by an industry specialist with 27 years experience within the fashion business. It is for emerging fashion & accessory designers, all creative individuals, brands, labels, students & graduates. It is for those who want true success & understanding within the real fashion business. With the knowledge, understanding and contacts below, you will be able to translate your creative flair into commercial success.

This site provides a vital resource which will hugely assist emerging fashion & accessory designers, fashion students & graduates, creative individuals, brands and labels with the area’s of the business least studied or focused upon, yet are imperative for success in the real fashion industry.

I am going to give you a complete, full contact detail, men’s, women’s and accessory buyer database and fashion editor database. You are going to see what a professionally written press release looks like and much much more. Why produce collections and samples that nobody orders? All that happens with those collections is that they are cleared at sample sales, a complete waste of time and money. I am going to show you how it is done by professionals, just follow our footsteps.

The business is not difficult to understand, however without precise knowledge you will be at great risk of losing a lot of money. Luckily the Boutique Buyers PDF free download can safe you this frustration.

The e-book, databases and information have fast become a discussed underground success story by providing an established blueprint to follow. It has been endorsed by those in the industry and also by fashion students, emerging designers, brands and labels worldwide. If you seek further knowledge regarding the business then you have found it, as well as a buyer directory containing over 1050 fashion and accessory Buyers and fashion editors/  assistants for all the major publications in the world.

This digital e-book downloads immediately, as do the buyer directories and PR fashion editor lists.

For a single click you can immediately download the full e-book which contains all the invaluable advise, the entire UK buyer contact/retail directory (Premium men’s, women’s & accessory independent and department store buyers) and the top London Agent/Showroom directory. You also get the women’s wear fashion editors and menswear fashion editors, full lists. 1050 plus contacts, plus much much more, working costing sheet examples, Press Release example etc.