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Welcome to the ONLY website that has this free download link. Since the 1980’s, a new wave of comedy, called alternative comedy, has grown in popularity with its more offbeat and experimental style. This normally involves more experiential, or observational reporting. As far as content is concerned, comedians draw on their background to poke fun at themselves, while others have very strong political and cultural undertones.

Ever wanted to write jokes but then you have these problems?

  • Have great ideas, but don’t know how to make them funny?
  • Have writer’s block and can’t seem to get through it?

Now you can attend one of Jerry Corley’s Killer weekend comedy writing workshops wherever you are!

Whether you are new to comedy writing or have been performing for a while, I guarantee–that’s right, GUARANTEE–that you will benefit from the tools I give you in this comedy writing system.

If you’re tired of not hitting the bulls-eye with your jokes and bits, if the material you’ve been coming up with doesn’t quite “pop,” or feels like it needs something else, this is the writing system for you!


  • Inside this book I give you multiple ways to approach writing jokes on any subject.
  • How to take your failures, weaknesses, frustrations, pet-peeves and turn them into triggered laughs.
  • How to NEVER get foiled by ‘writer’s block’ ever again!
  • I will show you the best ways to get the highly-coveted applause break.
  • How to utilize a multiple approach process for creating your comedy and knowing why it will be funny!

I am so confident that you will find this comedy writing system powerful, that I am offering you a free downloadable copy.

But enough of the “sales pitchy” crap. If you want to finally feel empowered and confident about your comedy writing and never doubt your ability again, stop procrastinating and get my comedy writing system today!

Get Jerry Corley’s “Breaking Comedy’s D.N.A. – Comedy Writing System Free Download

This comedy writing system includes:

  1. The 8 Major Laugh Triggers – (Covered in one of my seminars valued at $199.00)
  2. The 12 Major Comedy Structures – (I was recently offered $2500 for the exclusive rights)
  3. Bonus #1 “The Listing Technique Explained” – (The most powerful joke-writing tool in comedy today!)
  4. Bonus #2 “Top 10 Ways To Write A Joke” – (My secret to writing up to 120 jokes per day!)
  5. Bonus #3 “Joke Writing 1-2-3″ (Go from nothing to material in 3 EASY steps)
  6. Bonus #4 “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Writer’s Block – (A Fail-safe. Techniques I use to never have writer’s block, EVER!)

Most of the book is the exact same information that has been poured out in the powerful weekend comedy writing seminars, plus several bonuses.

Get the INSTANTLY FREE DOWNLOADABLE Breaking Comedy’s DNA book, (in Adobe PDF format), and shave your learning curve by YEARS and change your entire outlook on comedy writing!

This is for a limited time only, get one now!

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