Damage Control free membership


Joining an MMA gym or club can be an expensive exercise. We’re here to talk to you about an alternative that allows you to training 24/7 on any computer, smart phone or tablet whilst developing specific strategies to develop the ultimate fighting abilities. The Damage Control free membership is the comprehensive MMA instructional guide that we are referring to, designed with the enthusiast in mind.

Within the library are around 300 highly professional videos which are focused on individual techniques. There are more and more videos added weekly, and members have direct access to instructors via Skype, email, phone and Facebook to request specific techniques. They can even upload their fighting or training videos and receive insightful feedback to take their abilities to the next level.

For a fraction of the cost of an MMA gym membership,¬† you truly are getting access to unlimited training. The instructors behind this program have trained in the best fighting arts such as Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and other forms of MMA. They’ve coached fighters at all levels, from beginners up to top level fighters on the UFC scene. They’ve saved the most treasured techniques for those who want to get Damage Control free access.

Just think about how awesome it will be to learn the latest MMA techniques whilst you are waiting in line at the grocery store, on the commute to work or chillling in your hotel room. As long as your smart phone or tablet has access to the internet, you’re able to absorb the very best MMA instructional videos within this massive library. Your friends will be wondering how you got so good so quickly! Gone are the days of only learning whilst you are in the MMA club, now you can literally learn regardless of your current location.

If you’re wondering why so many people get their free access to Damage Control, it’s because they want to get the whole package. They want to understand both the MMA theory and strategy, not just the techniques. They want to have access to knowledge 24/7, not just when it suits their sensei. They want to save hundreds of dollars on gym membership fees. They are frustrated with searching on YouTube for individual videos, they are looking for the full A-Z guide. And finally, they want answers to their personal questions from pro instructors, who will happily answer any question, even those silly ones.

This program will give you the greatest confidence when it comes to being in the fight. You’ll be understanding the basics, but will always be progressing and growing as the library continues to get updated everyday. There is so much to learn once you get your free membership to Damage Control that you’ll never regret joining in the first place. There are many bonuses that you receive upon joining, but we’ll let you sign up first to receive these free gifts.

Get ready to take your MMA training to the next level!