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Hello Fellow Dancer,

I am Chris Steele and I am the author of two very special books on partner dancing. Because you’re probably a friend of someone I know, I have an excellent deal for you.

I am a social dancer and dance student for some years now. I am knowledgeable in the field of dance. I have researched many methods to improve the way people learn to dance.  I am still in the process of researching methods to improve the way people dance. As well as dance, my other major interest is learning. So finding and knowing these techniques that help you learn dance faster and better is interesting to me, and that’s what I love to do most.

I have here two e-books (Dance Better Now Free Download) that cover everything that I have found out about how to dance better. These e-books are not about how to dance. You have all the time to be in a dance class and many books and websites that tell you how to dance waltz, tango, salsa and such. But, just because someone tells you what you’re meant to do, it doesn’t mean that you can do it. That’s where these books come in. They tell you how to be a better dance student. They are 120 pages full of dance help. Whatever you ask, there is something that can help. Isn’t it good?

With these books you will be able to do the following:

  • Build your body’s ability to move like a dancer’s body should with dedicated exercises
  • Learn how to get your teacher to explain things so that you can better understand what you need to do
  • Learn how to focus on your body so that you can quickly master dance steps
  • Dance with musicality that goes well beyond simply keeping time (keeping time is good, but showing the vibe of the music in your dance will let you get so much more out of dance
  • Develop mental techniques to shift dance knowledge to the part of the brain that will use it best so that you can dance naturally
  • Dance confidently no matter where you are and enjoy the experience with your partner at a much greater level

You are one lucky person since this offer came to reality because a friend of mine thought that this would be an offer that is of interest to you and told you about it. And since you’re a friend of my friend, I have given you an excellent deal. These books are priced around half of a private dance lesson.

When you consider how much the information in these books will let you get more out of your dance lessons they will pay themselves off easily. And this doesn’t even consider the increased enjoyment you will get from being able to dance with confidence and better. No worries, like I said, you’re a friend of a friend so I am giving you a much better deal.

I am certain that you will find this information useful.

No matter your problem I am sure that I can help. You can email me anytime and ask me about any issue you have. I will then dedicate myself to find a way to help you.

This way you know you will get the benefit and help that you’re looking for.

Let’s enjoy Dancing Better!

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