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Cable subscribers ordinarily get a cable box directly from the cable company when they sign up for regular or digital cable. With the use of the cable descrambler it decodes a cable television signal, so that it will display on your television. It helps individuals reconnect a disconnected cable TV signal. It is legal as long as you inform your cable TV service providers that you are accessing their signal after they disconnect it.

This kit includes 31 methods on how to descramble Cable TV. Software on how to descramble cable TV. You may see other websites selling out-dated cable plans, but If you want WORKING plans, please continue reading! There are a lot of deals in other websites but the question is if it really is working. I doubt. Please continue reading if you wanted to get this deal.

I’m going to show you these wonderful deals:

  • How to intercept cable leaks
  • How to get cable with magnets
  • How to use a Notch Filter to get 100’s of channels
  • How to use a relay crack, to get you and your neighbors cable!
  • How to use “clone” and “3 musketeer” Satellite TV.
  • How to get cable by opening up the back of your TV.
  • How to build a Jerrold Cube hot!!!!
  • My working European TV Descrambler system plans!
  • I show you your cable companies reception (saves you time!)

And over 13 different methods to get cable for free! Yes 13 different methods, I’m not joking!

Why pay for Cable when you have a descambler?
Did you know it’s perfectly legal to use your own cable descrambling equipment? Its true! You no longer legally have to use the cable company’s expensive boxes! They have boxes but doesn’t even have good signal in it. So why settle for the less when you can have the best, right?

With our Package

  • Your going to save a Hundreds of $$$$ a year
  • Your going to get more channels then you currently pay for!
  • My Killer cable Plans work in Europe and North America!
  • You can build boxes and sell them to friends!
  • I show you 31 different UNIVERSAL ways to get cable!

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