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Being in a wedding is one of the best occasions you will ever experience. Seeing a couple unite in one symbolic ceremony makes you want to cry and even imagined your own wedding. You can observe the essentials in a wedding, of course the bride and the groom, the famous wedding cake, wedding theme and of course the wedding song. Remember the famous movie the wedding singer; Adam Sandler  as a wedding singer in the 1980s and Drew Barrymore as a waitress with whom he falls in love.

But did you ever consider having your own DJ in your very own wedding? You got it right a Wedding DJ! Want to be a successful wedding DJ? To use your music skills to escape a meaningless day job or a boss you hate? Maybe you’re interested in improving your DJing, in earning enough to fund a full-time music industry career, or you want to make the move away from club-style DJing? Wedding DJing can help you to do all of these things. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money in DJing – potentially great money.

This completely new Digital DJ Tips guide lays bare all the steps to becoming a successful wedding DJ using digital DJ gear. You’re about to see how easy it is to charge up to US$1000 or even more for DJing a single wedding – the kind of money most DJs in other fields can only dream of making.

Why do you need this awesome download?

  • Exactly how wedding DJing can earn you thousands – which means you can be your own boss, or escape your day job, or find the time to focus on your club DJing career or music production, or just get rich doing something that’s genuinely fulfilling and fun
  • What skills are really needed to be a wedding DJ – and what’s not necessary at all (hint: you don’t need club mixing skills…), so you’ll quickly gain the confidence to give wedding DJing a go and grab your share of the huge annual spend in this sector
  • The individual items of equipment you do and don’t need –  Today’s gear is powerful, light and cheap, which means you can get started more easily, do more with it, and easily pay for your first set-up in just two or three weddings.
  • How to handle everyone, from the bride and groom to drunken uncles! – From getting paid on your very first meeting with the couple, to getting the venue staff on your side, to handling inebriated guests, you’ll learn a wealth of hard-won secrets
  • What actually happens at a wedding – And exactly what you’ll be expected to do at each point. This is crucial information: think of this as a “job description” – it means nobody will ever guess that you’ve never played a wedding before at your first booking

Plus when you get this deal you can have this bonus features:

  • Actual wedding DJ contract templates – You can download these and edit them yourself in Microsoft Word or equivalent, which means you’ll have instant, 100% professional documents both to ensure you look the part, and to increase your chance of getting paid without a hitch
  • A bonus wedding playlist – The book already contains playlists that frankly have to be worth the price of the guide alone. (In fact, Michael swears that the one song he recommends you play to close any wedding is itself worth the price of the guide!) But here he gives you an extra playlist, for that all-important first half of the wedding that can set the mood for the whole night
  • and a lot more

Get your copy today!

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