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Digital photography uses an array of electronic photo detectors to capture the image focused by the lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. The captured image is then digitized and stored as a computer file ready for digital processing, viewing, digital publishing or printing. Most used an SLR camera to capture beautiful images. A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence “reflex”, from the mirror’s reflection) that permits the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what will be captured, contrary to viewfinder cameras where the image could be significantly different from what will be captured.

With your new knowledge of how your camera works The Complete Digital SLR Guide takes you through the photography basics that virtually guarantee stunning photos every time.My digital SLR guide shows you how to adjust the settings on your camera so that your pictures will look more professional. I’ll show you how to take control of the depth of field which will instantly improve your photography skills. You’ll soon have the knowledge to take photos that have a wonderful, professional, look and feel. And there’s more.

I’m including a second guide to photography for you – absolutely FREE! (usual price $17)

This second guide (usual price $17 check current price on Amazon) included for you for absolutely FREE, will show you how to build on the skills you have learnt from the Digital SLR Guide. I’ll show you exactly how to take photos that you’ll be framing for the wall.

There’s so much to discover in this second book:

  • What is the rule of odd numbers and how will it help your composition?
  • What are the best ways to photograph children.
  • Why is taking control of the shutter speed essential for creative photography?
  • Turn lemons into lemonade! – how can you rescue a ‘failed’ image?
  • How is it possible to take great photos of pets?

And a lot more besides! “12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos” uses example photos so that you can clearly and easily identify better photography techniques.

By learning from the other photographers in this book you learn how to take better photos and improve your photography skills fast.

Once you’ve captured the image, and using the skills you have learnt the composition will already be excellent, a bit of what the professionals call ‘post-processing’ will really make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Invest now in The Complete Digital SLR Guide and you get the best value package for digital photographers.

Included in the complete package is:

  • The Complete Digital SLR Guide
  • 12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos
  • Photo Editing Software Guide
  • AND how you can Turn Photos Into Cash – triple guide

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Showing you how to use your digital SLR to take sensational photos that ‘wow!’ people every time.

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