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Whenever you are in a club did you ever imagine doing the same thing the dj does? Did you dream or wish of creating those kind of beats? Do you want to out stand everyone with your beat? If you answered yes to everything, then you are in the right place! This is what you call Digital Music!

Digital music is needed to help entertain everyone from all around and it just makes life so much more exciting and entertaining,you will hear the sounds in movies,video games,commercials,just everywhere that you go really.

Now you can create beats! We’ve cracked the code on how to make top-shelf beats on the fly with just your computer (PC or Mac)….

You can lay down your beats and samples in a matter of minutes and be the DJ that everyone wants! Even if you’ve never touched a sequencer or mixing board before.

This is what this Free Download consists of:

  • 16 Track Sequencer
    • 16 tracks of stereo sound
    • Change sounds and patterns with two clicks.
    • Several thousand built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds. Exports as 44.1 professional studio quality .wav file
    • Automatically creates a video and uploads your beat DIRECTLY to your own YouTube account
    • Adjust the volume of each track
    • Adjust the ‘pan effect’ of each track
    • Adjust the Low, Mid and High tones of each track
  • 12 Pad Drum Machine
    • A full 12 pads per drum kit.
    • Massive selection of kits included.
    • Change kits with a single click.
    • Import your own sounds and beats.
    • Mix the volume on each channel any way you want.
    • Move sounds around with just a couple clicks.
    • Professionally mastered sounds.
  • 4 Octave Keyboard
    • Four octaves.
    • No need for MIDI cables.
    • All the sounds you could want, from sax to piano to FX samples.
    • Import more kits or your own sounds with 1 click
    • Thousands of stereo imaged sounds.Just one click to switch instruments.
    • Alter the Frequency, Resonance, LFO R and LFO A to create those sick DubStep sounds
    • Overlap sounds in seconds.

And remember, your beats will be exported in 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! You don’t get stuck with MP3s. You get real professional quality tracks!

Dr Drum Is Your Ticket To The Big Time! This beat maker will make you look like a pro it no time flat. How can you beat that?

It’s the full package – and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied, or your money back!

We show you how it’s done – and then you just get it out there… any sound… any genre!

I know you want to lay down some banging beats but I also know you don’t want to pay a fortune to do it, nobody has extra money these days and you don’t want to get ripped off.

So right now I’m going to let you have it or free if you claim a refund within 60 days.

Click here to Download Dr Drum for Free