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A small amount of material is released onto the two dimensional medium, leaving a visible mark is what drawing means. Drawing the world and paint it with colors is one of the things I’ve been working for years. I myself is not inclined with this skill before but because my parents really brought me up to be someone significant, I gave it a try. At first it was a mess, drawing a pig. I drew a huge circle with little circles as eyes and then a smaller circle as nose. My god! It was a total disaster! My parents were laughing at the same time encouraging me to do more. The last resort was hiring a private tutor which of course taught me the things I learned today. I then researched and compiled everything into this one ebook that I know beginners will truly understand.

You want to draw and draw well. The kind of drawings you can be proud of. The kind that people want to see and are amazed by. Drawing Animals in Pencil is a new kind of drawing experience that takes you through the techniques and methods step by step.

Drawing Animals in Pencil free download is the E-book that shows how You can be the artist you want to be. Let me show you how to draw animals with a practical approach not bogged down with theory.

Drawing is very similar to writing. When you write down your own name you are using pre learned shapes and lines to create something recognizable. The vast majority of us can do that. You probably do that every day without thinking about it. You weren’t born able to do it. Neither was I but we learned. Making lines, squiggles and shapes is easy. Accept that and you are on your way to becoming a killer artist.

Ebook Details:

  • At 486 pages this book is HUGE!
  • The actual content (The good stuff minus intro page, legalities etc) is 480 packed pages.
  • Well over 900 Illustrations detailing techniques and step by step drawings.

Since this is a huge book, I know you are thinking that the price might be HUGE as it! Well your wrong girl! You can get this nice ebook at $16!

Inside this e-Book you’ll find out how to approach drawing ANY animal but to talk specifics here is a list of the animals demonstrated within the ebook with notes where applicable.

  • Goat Drawing. Make a line drawing with the appearance of tone.
  • Draw a simple Giraffe.
  • Black Swan. Sketch it quickly.
  • Simple sketch of a Chimpanzee.
  • Wallaby. A line drawing tutorial.
  • Llama Group. How to quickly sketch a group of animals.
  • Domestic pig.
  • Orang-utan. Establish the form of an animal before moving onto a tonal drawing.
  • Prairie Dog. Use textured paper for a loose, sketchy effect.
  • Tortoise. Use Blended Tones as the basis of your drawing.
  • Develop the above method with another wallaby drawing.
  • Squirrel. Create Tonal effects using lines.
  • Dog Drawing. Learn how to make animal portraits building upon what we have practiced in earlier lessons.

As you go through each animal drawing lesson you will gain skills almost without noticing it. Each lesson builds upon the skills of the previous lesson until you are fully armed with the knowledge you need to develop your artistic skills further with the right kind of practice.

If you decide Drawing Animals In Pencil PDF free download isn’t right for you get a fast, no hassle refund.

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