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When a guy wears coat and tie, it truly means success. Success in its most highest form.

So You Want To Look Sharp and Smart in Your Suit, Shirts, and Ties? Then this is the book for you! It’s called the Dress for Success free download, and it’s available to you and your friends right now.

I’ve been researching for ways and means on how to recreate Men’s fashion, not the casual shirt and jeans but with other high end clothes such as Suit and Ties.

There are so many men wondering if their clothing were matched properly or how they can wear their different apparel correctly… How do I know? I have been receiving at least 4 to 5 emails a day requesting for my opinion and advice.

I have been publishing my website, Mens-Fashion-Tips.com, for 5 years now. It is a greatly sought after website by many men seeking classic permanent dressing ideas. Because I go into in-depth discussions into the very foundation information about men’s fashion and its art of coordination.

I am seeing more men being bogged down by questions on men’s fashion and it is an increasing trend. Some typical questions & problems men have asked me again & again:

  • Is there any other way we can match our existing wardrobe?
  • Can this stripe tie be worn together with these suits and shirts?
  • I feel uncomfortable about the color matching but I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it as well. Please advice me if I am coordinating the colors correctly.
  • I am intending to buy this suit but I am not sure if it can match against this color of my dress shirt.
  • Can check patterns be matched against stripes?
  • Is it possible to wear check dress shirts against a stripe suit? What about a check suit?
  • Can I match this color suit with this color shirt?
  • What color shoes can I match with my suit? Can brown shoes go with gray?
  • The list of questions goes on … Why do men have difficulty getting these things right?

Time for Men to Dress to Impress

From all these years of appreciating men’s fashion trends, there has never been a period of time where men are more conscious about their outlook. Please do not mistaken that this is about vanity.

It is in fact men are taking greater responsibility and having more knowledge about their attire and clothing. We are beginning to understand the power of making deep and positive impression with proper attire, importance of dressing for the right occasion, and putting on apparel that shows our very best.

Dress for Success free download: Men’s Fashion Coordination in Suits, Shirts, & Ties

Get the very best information and illustrations that can empower men with the ability to conceptualize and apply stylish men’s fashion matching. This is what you are able to get out of my ebook:

How to visualize effectively the concepts through our use of great pictorial examples of suits, shirts and ties.

Learn the techniques and concepts in color coordination on:

  • Same Hues
  • Similar Hues
  • Contrasting Hues
  • Complementary Hue
  • Achromatic Hue

Conceptualize from the illustrations and explanations on how to play with colors to bring out fashion style.

Discover the art of choosing the right colors to coordinate your clothing for different seasons.

Develop the knowledge of styling your suits, shirts and ties with different patterns through the in-depth illustrations on:

  • 2 similar patterns
  • 2 different patterns
  • 3 different patterns
  • 3 different patterns where 2 are similar
  • 3 similar patterns
  • 4 different patterns

Wear the right dress shoes to coordinate with your attire.

Find out about the nice finishing touches that spike up your dressing style.

I have to tell you that the amount of time and work to put together these ebook resources are tremendous… It involved not just tons of research to get the right pictorials for correct illustrations but also encompasses a lot of my own positive and negative experiences to create this men’s fashion resource.

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