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Digital single-lens reflex cameras (also called digital SLR or DSLR) are digital cameras combining the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film. The reflex design scheme is the primary difference between a DSLR and other digital cameras. In the reflex design, light travels through the lens, then to a mirror that alternates to send the image to either the viewfinder or the image sensor. The alternative would be to have a viewfinder with its own lens, hence the term “single lens” for this design. By using only one lens, the viewfinder presents an image that will differ imperceptibly from what is captured by the camera’s sensor.

Like SLRs DSLRs typically use interchangeable lenses (1) with a proprietary lens mount. A movable mechanical mirror system (2) is switched down (exact 45-degree angle) to direct light from the lens over a matte focusing screen (5) via a condenser lens (6) and a pentaprism/pentamirror (7) to an optical viewfinder eyepiece (8). Most of the entry level DSLRs use a pentamirror instead of the traditional pentaprism. The pentamirror design is composed mostly of plastic and is lighter and cheaper to produce — however, the image in the viewfinder is usually darker.

Focusing can be manual or automatic, activated by pressing half-way on the shutter release or a dedicated AF button. To take an image, the mirror swings upwards in the direction of the arrow, the focal-plane shutter (3) opens, and the image is projected and captured on the image sensor (4), after which actions, the shutter closes, the mirror returns to the 45-degree angle, and the built in drive mechanism re-tensions the shutter for the next exposure.

This is just a glimpse of what you will get from this video cds. An in depth lessons about DSLR how to use it and its basic programs.

ALL You NEED to Know about using your Digital SLR camera to its FULL potential! Easy to follow Videos, SEE through VIEW FINDER

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Module 1 – Intro to the DSLR

  • Video 1 – Welcome
  • Video 2 – What is a Camera
  • Video 3 – Shutter Aperture ISO

Module 2 – Basic Camera Anatomy

  • Video 4 – Mode Dial and Controls
  • Video 5 – The Shutter Button
  • Video 6 – Auto Focus
  • Video 7 – Light Meter

Module 3 – Shutter Aperture ISO

  • Video 8 – Shutter and Motion Blur
  • Video 9 – Examples of Motion Blur
  • Video 10 – Aperture and Depth of Field
  • Video 11 – Examples of Depth of Field
  • Video 12 – ISO and Noise
  • Video 13 – Lighting and Settings

Module 4 – Exposure Control

  • Video 14 – Exposure Compensation
  • Video 15 – Light Meter Modes
  • Video 16 – Histogram

Module 5 – Light Control

  • Video 17 – Dynamic Range
  • Video 18 – Backlight Examples
  • Video 19 – Bracketing
  • Video 20 – White Balance
  • Video 21 – Thank You

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ALL You NEED to Know about using your Digital SLR camera to its FULL potential! Easy to follow Videos, SEE through VIEW FINDER

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