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Your own library of Classic Movies right in your own home. The feeling of just sitting back, relaxed in the comforts of your home just watching your favorite classic movie. Sipping your favorite tea in your favorite couch? Isn’t that imaginative? Reality is, after showing those movies in the theaters, that’s it! The life of a movie. You might see it after 10-20 years when it has its anniversary. I don’t know. I mean don’t you ever like having those Classics in your home? If you agree, then we are talking!

1700+ timeless classic movies right in your cozy place!

The Perfect Low Cost Product Range to add to your Online Sales!

We’d like to introduce our DVD drop ship program which specializes in highly sought after classic movies. Through our contacts in the movie industry we have been able to release from the film-vaults some of the greatest movie gems from the last century and all at an unbelievable price! With some of our DVD’s selling for around £10.00 on ebay and Amazon, you have to agree that with sensible reselling there is certainly the potential to make a fantastic profit!

1700+ Classic DVD titles to resell on ebay or online shop, with our exclusive range of treasured DVD movies from the golden age of cinema to the end of the millennium.

Whether you are seeking to expand your current product portfolio or looking for a product fulfilment partner to start a new internet business then a partnership with DVD-ClassiX free access may be just what you are looking for.

The DVD ClassiX free download range is a brand new digitally remastered on DVDR, direct dispatch, home entertainment solution. It is an ideal reseller business opportunity with no stock or other risky overheads involved.

We add a seamless backend/warehouse facility to your new or current business. Unlike other dropshippers, we do not sell direct to the public or compete in the market against our members Anyone can become a member, even home-based business entrepreneurs!

Key Facts

  • Only £2.99 per DVD inc UK P&P
  • Over 1700 Titles Available from Stock!
  • Exclusive DVD Range.
  • All Titles are New & Sealed.
  • Region FREE for Worldwide use.
  • Ready2Use Turbolister Database.(CSV)
  • Super fast Shipping, Direct to your Customer!

In 2009 the DVD market was worth £2.16 Billion! Total DVD sales exceeded 222 million units for that year!

This is not like any other dvd-dropship type business! We are not seaking thousands of members all trying to sell the same films that you can buy at your local corner shop and all competing for business against each other. As a DVD-ClassiX Sales-Agent you will be part of an elite group of sellers with access to our exclusive range of 1700 feature films that are not available anywhere else.

60-70% Profit Margins!
Our membership fee is far less than you may think but enough to exclude the dabblers but only attract a select few serious resellers who recognise they only have to make very minimal profit each day to cover the membership fee, this is easily done considering our ultra low price of just

Making a minimum of £2-£5 profit per sale should be more that achievable given the huge range of rare and sought after titles.

Join now and get instant access to our 1700 DVD database that you can download and import to Turbo Lister in just a few clicks of your mouse. Full customer support is available to all sales-agents. Simply click here to join and get started with our rewarding business opportunity.

One or two hours a day is all you need to spend on your PC to get things rolling and the sales started but don’t forget the more time and effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it.