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Painting on fabric is easier than ever before! Armed with a couple of great ideas and a surface to paint on, you can change your existing wardrobe in a flash using a wide assortment of fabric dyes, pens, color sprays, and dimensional paints to embellish just about anything! Create a new focal point for your outfit with a hand-painted t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a jacket, or even a cap! It’s easy to make an inexpensive apron blank into a thoughtful and creative handmade gift. Or use a cloth bag as your canvas and try your hand at personalizing a bag for every occasion. You don’t have to be an artist , even a freehand splash of color will make it your ‘own’. Once you get started, you’ll be on your way to the creativity and joy that’s in store for you with fabric painting! I knew someone who just started studying it and is more addicted with painting then. I’ll teach you basics and even hard core painting.

It’s true, in just a few minutes of watching my videos (or joining our live class) you can learn the exact step-by-step system for painting amazing abstract and floral designs that has taken me years to perfect. My easy fabric painting techniques will help you to create marketable designs that can be applied to just about any surface. So say goodbye to bland products and hello to amazing products that keep your customers coming back for more! And this is the real deal. No scam, just the real thing!

Do you need to have art or painting experience?

Absolutely not. All you need is a desire to learn the easy techniques and have fun in the process. This course is for beginners or seasoned artists.

Who is this amazing course for?

  • Non-artists
  • Textile Artists
  • Fabric Painters
  • Craft Enthusiasts
  • Tee Shirt Artists
  • Dressmakers
  • Handbag Designers
  • Hobbyists & more

In your course you will learn how to paint on:

  • Clothing Fabric
  • Fabric for Interior Design
  • Wood
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Tee Shirts & Tunics
  • Paper & more

You will receive insider tips from experienced designer on:

  • How to organize your design studio
  • How to choose contractors
  • How to reproduce your designs

You will receive:

  • Access to our entire fabric painting library (more than 40 videos & tutorials)
  • Ongoing assessment (optional)
  • Information on materials & suppliers

Learning how to paint on clothing fabric is really much easier than you think! Within minutes of watching our painting videos & applying the steps you will ask yourself how a complete beginner can produce amazing works of art like an artist in such a short space of time.

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