Fan Page Formula Free Download


Many news sources now say that by the year 2015, over 50% of business sales will be done through social media. Given that Facebook is currently the largest social media website in the world, with continuous growth, it makes sense to tap into this market.

That’s where John Wood comes in. He is the creator of The Fan Page Formula Free Download, a result of his many years assisting small business owners who get frustrated in understanding the big benefits that Facebook provides. He has worked online for over a decade, working in different niches and recently focusing purely upon social media.

Just last year, the total number of Facebook users grew to over 1 billion people. It’s now the second most popular website online, with a lot of potential customers you can reach with ease. In fact, the average Facebook user now spends about 2 hours a week on Facebook. That’s more than any other website!

Now here’s the problem: most fan page owners aren’t marketing correctly. They’re focused on the number of likes their page has, instead of actually focusing on building quality leads for their business using their fan page. A lot of these managers do interact with their fans, but fail to actually convert them into customers and promoters.

Since your time is very valuable, it should be your pure intention of running a Facebook fan page to generate sales. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time. And you can only do this through proven training techniques that are discussed in this course.

You’ll be taken step by step through the process of creating a proper, effective fan page that actually gets real results. You’ll be taught how to tell your story, build yourself a list of prospective customers, offer value and simply become a leader in your industry. People will actually seek you out and be desperate to do business with you. Further more, they’ll become your brand advocate, spreading the news about your business to their friends, family and coworkers, simply because they love your service.

You’ll be generating hundreds of leads in next to no time through your own Facebook page. Following the 10 step modules you’ll be shown throughout the course, you’ll be proud to show off your brand, creating awareness and increasing profits. This course works perfectly whether you have an existing Facebook fan page, or whether you’re just starting out fresh.

This is the only road map you’ll need to harness the incredible power of Facebook marketing.