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Whether you’re trying to sell a script, get a part in a movie, or land a gig as a singer, you’ll need an agent to get you through the door.

If you know an agent, you’re at a big advantage because a personal contact can get you in the door. But if you don’t know any big-time agents or even where to start, read on and at least you’ll have a fighting chance at hitting the big time.

Although you might need a specific kind of agent for your artistic specialty.

“What do all Successful Actors and Commercial Models have in Common?”


Announcing my new Find An Agent Workshop. I will personally show you STEP-BY-STEP how to find and get representation with an agent in your area as well as out of town. This will give you your best opportunity to get work both locally and in distant markets.

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What I’ll teach you in these 90-minutes will literally change your acting and modeling career forever.

But first… can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

  • Do you struggle with the uncertainty of not knowing how and where to jump-start your acting/modeling career?
  • Are you unsure about how to attract the attention of agents?
  • Do you feel like you are just spinning your wheels and will never get the opportunity to live your dreams?
  • Do you deal with agents not calling you back?
  • Do you lie in bed at night struggling with how to find representation either locally or in other markets?
  • Are you just plain sick of not knowing how to find an agent that can help you get paid work?

If so, then what I have to share with you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You see…

To help you succeed in getting an agent, I will be using special online software so you can watch my computer screen as I clearly explain and show you the exact steps I take to find great agents, and specifically what I look for when visiting their website.

Here’s why you need to register
Many people still have the misconception that they will be discovered overnight by an agent, which for 99.9% of the world, just doesn’t happen. What you need to do in order to book jobs and have success is to learn how to attract and hire the best agent you can find.

Special Recorded Follow Up Session
I’m so committed to your success that I will be held a follow up session 2 weeks after the workshop and I recorded the entire thing. You won’t be alone in your agent search. I have real people getting real results giving me feedback on what works “in the real world.” This critical piece is an edge that you’ll have over others in knowing exactly what agents are looking for. The 2 week follow-up recording is yours free as a bonus.

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You will be given instant access to the Find An Agent workshop digital recording and all bonuses immediately. You’ll have access to the Find An Agent Now Workshop recordings to watch again and again.

The Find An Agent Workshop is in a .mov file format that is compatible with Quicktime and iTunes. Your workshop will be delivered instantly in a digital format. Please remember – delivery of the workshop and all bonuses is instant and digital – there are no discs shipping in the mail. You will be given access to the digital video files moments after you order the workshop.

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