Free Vertical Explosion PDF


Hey guys, did you know that you can increase your vertical jumping height by up to 10 inches in just 10 weeks? It’s crazy but also very real!

The free Vertical Explosion PDF training program is designed to skyrocket your reach, whilst at the same time, increasing your quickness, speed and explosive power!

Throughout the program you will be training your proper muscles, training them properly through incorporating different training methods for the most optimum results. If you are an aspiring basketball player, then this is the most complete program that you’ll ever need.

We simply want you to reach your full basketball potential and become the best player that you ever can be. That’s why the free Vertical Explosion PDF training program is your opportunity to unleash the power within you. Eventually the recruiters will be drooling over you.

We dedicate ourselves to assist athlete to reach their full potential through providing them with the proper training in which they can achieve it. Having a free vertical explosion is perhaps one of the best athletic skills you could ever posses. You’ll have the absolutely edge over your opponents and see the envy in their eyes.

Throughout this guide we have uncovered the main mistakes that many athletes keep falling for, time and time again. That’s why we designed to design a program which targets all the muscles that are involved with high jumping. We’ve focused on training those muscles through the proper modes (centered on explosiveness) and have mixed together all 3 vertical jumping training methods.

The techniques within the Vertical Explosion PDF have been proven to increase your jumping ability to much higher levels. It’s not designed at a beginner level, our focus here is upon advance athletes. At the same time, we have kept a simple approach to our training delivery methods.

This program will certainly have you back on the right track and maximizing your potential on the basketball court. This is a step by step full program to massively increase your vertical leap, with detailed instructions on performing each and every exercise. Again, we do deliver our instructions within the program to be as simple as possible. This is why we have included numerous free videos within the Vertical Explosion PDF so you are able to know the proper form when it comes to performing each exercise, avoiding the confusion that comes from reading words in a book.

This all comes as a digital download which you can load on your PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart Phone or even Kindle. There’s numerous free bonuses to keep the momentum strong. If you are looking to take your vertical jump to new heights, then you’ve found the perfect program that will help you do so. This has program has been road tested by over 3,000 athletes, and over that time, has been tweaked to produce the best gains in the shortest times possible.

We wish you the best in your basketball success!