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Forget Music School! Forget bogus video sites telling you that they can teach you how to play this damn good instrument! You have come to the right site at the right time!  Welcome to Guitar Hot Shot! Your ultimate site for your guitar training. Yes, this site is one good thing as it will take you to guitar masterpiece. Become the next big thing in the guitar royalty. Play like Carlos Santana, Maroon 5, Bob Marley and a lot lot more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start playing!

I created GuitarHotShot after I received hundreds of emails and calls from people just like you, with strong desires for a Guitar workshop that would show them how to become an incredible guitarist, skipping all of the “unnecessary” detours that keep most people from reaching that high level in the first place.

GuitarHotShot free download comes action packed with all of the top rated guitar lessons you have heard about, with 100+ Video lessons, Tabulature, Rhythm riffs, Hundreds of Exclusive Jam tracks, Solo Scales, and your skill level does not matter! The system is 100% step by step and easy to learn. GHS also includes all the major record label listings! We want to see you become a master at guitar then get famous!

I know you are as excited as me so here’s what you will be getting from this download:

  • Play Guitar like a pro with a cutting edge, step by step method that is easy to understand and apply. Learn the techniques on 52 video lessons used by the greatest guitarists, leaving your audience blown away.
  • Start amazing your family & friends immediately with incredible chops. With your new set of fingers you will sound like a pro in a record breaking amount of time!
  • Learn how to play music from memory, using the GuitarHotShot ear training method, which is more than easy to develop. You don’t need to be born with talent, like Joe Satriani and BBKing. Only at GuitarHotShot we make it possible to develop this talent without being born with it and you will soon see why. Learn how to “almost magically” be able to play whole pieces of music after hearing them only a couple times.
  • Blow through the most difficult passages, scales and riffs with a collection of tricks and methods used by professional players.
  • Learn to play Guitar in every style imaginable: Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Folk, Country and more! Be able to play any song imaginable.
  • Visually stimulate your brain with the video lessons, opening up your horizons to “own” the keyboard, no matter what level of expertise.
  • Become a Master of Music Theory with the GuitarHotShot free download performance upgrade. Use our measure combos to internalize the makings of great music. Build the talent up from beginner to advanced until it is a matter of instinct.

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