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Do you want to improve your guitar technique, play guitar clean, eliminate sloppy playing and unwanted string noise? Sloppy guitar technique is a very common problem. Many guitarists have been asking for solutions. This guide will help you to play guitar clean and improve your guitar technique. Many guitar players are not fully aware of every imperfection in their guitar technique. Some of these players do sense that ‘something’ may be wrong, but are not sure about exactly what their specific guitar technique problems are. Obviously, you cannot effectively correct a technical problem until and unless you know exactly what it is.

Here are common guitar problems:

  • Your hand often gets tired or sore when trying to do long licks and runs that use hammer-ons and pull-offs. Many times, guitarists who have this problem have something fundamentally wrong with their technique. And unless they correct their technical faults, they will continue to have this problem. Not to mention the fact that having a faulty hammer-on or pull-off technique can make injuries much more likely.
  • You have certain finger combinations that are much weaker than others. Many guitarists find that they can do hammer-ons and pull-offs easily with some fingers, but find it really challenging when using other fingers. For Example: A lot of guitar players find that using fingers 3 and 4 MUCH harder than other finger combinations.
  • You are excessively tense when doing hammer-ons and pull-offs. This can be an immensely frustrating problem to overcome. Guitarists who don’t know how to play hammer-ons and pull-offs in a relaxed and effortless way, often find it hard to reach their speed goals in an efficient way.
  • You’re unsure of exactly what you need to practice to reach your potential. There are so many hammer-on and pull-off exercises out there, it’s often hard to know which ones are the most important ones to practice. (It can also be tough when you don’t know what specific order the exercises should be practiced, in order to progress at your fastest possible rate).

The Guitar Legato Fast Start System is an intensive 12-month online course aimed at electric guitarists serious about improving their hammer-on and pull-off technique.

If you are new to legato technique (or just plain frustrated with it), and would like to maximize your progress, then it may be for you. (More on this later)…

What I’ve done with this online course is to reveal some valuable information and practice strategies that will:

  • Help you develop more speed and endurance with your fretting-hand.
  • Improve your timing of hammer-ons and pull-offs dramatically.
  • Help you to learn the most efficient and effective methods of doing hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • Help you to develop your hammer-on and pull-off technique in a structured and organized way.
  • Help you to avoid the most common mistakes that guitarists make when trying to develop their legato technique.
  • Help you develop a rock-solid foundation of hammer-on and pull-off technique that will help you progress to a more advanced level.

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