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Have you always dreamed of playing the guitar but thought that it is too complicated? Have you always thought of playing the guitar while singing your favorite song? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Guitar was and  never will be complicated, with the right skills and knowledge you will succeed.

I discovered this one simple secret that I will be sharing to  you once you download this guide. Once you know it playing the guitar will be instantly fun and easy, even if you’ve never played guitar before. You will be amazed by how great your skills after. Trust me! It works with everyone else.

The secret is knowing the key concept. Once you know it you’ll realize that you just use a simple code to play the guitar.

If you have the ambition to play the guitar but you’re having a hard time making sense of it, I feel your PAIN. I struggled for years until I finally discovered the key concept, then it all made sense. I am really happy that I have found a solution to this pain. And I feel satisfied that’s why I am happy to share you this.

Ever wonder how a band of musicians just spontaneously start making up music together and everything they play sounds good? I wondered that for a long time and then I discovered the secret I was missing.

When musicians jam together, they pick a key for their jam, like the key of C, or the key of D, and then start playing notes and chords in that key. As long as everyone is playing in the same key they will sound good together.

So ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles, mainly uses the notes and chords in the key of D. ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon mainly uses the notes and chords in the key of C.

It’s not a rule that everyone must stay in the same key (there are no rules when creating music. It’s just a starting point to get everyone on the same page. So if you feel like just writing music, this is the right site.

You can see and hear what I’m talking about below. There’s a chart with a bunch of diagrams and some yellow buttons. Each row of chords represents a key. You can have one when you download this amazing deal.

If you want to make up a song, all you do is pick one of those rows and play any chords in that row one after another. There are six main chords in any key (row) so you can roll a die to select the chords.

On this website you’ll find out how easy it is to do things that you didn’t realize you could do and you’ll never want to put your guitar down. You can do this through the free download of Guitar On The Spot PDF available below.

I’ve also included a bunch of free online guitar lessons that you can check out and if you feel like you want to know more you can download my free guitar e-book and subscribe to my free song making guitar lessons. Yes, so much freebies for this download.  Only for you.

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