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Improve your improvising. Learn Faster and do Solo in an instant!

Do any of these problems irritate  you and makes you want to back out this guitar scales mastery:

  • There are huge numbers of scales that you could learn. It is sometimes hard to even know where to start! This frustration and overwhelm can make you feel less enthusiastic about your guitar practice.
  • They just sound like they are running up-and-down scales. They have no idea how to use scales in a musical and interesting way.
  •  You can’t visualize scales effortlessly over the ENTIRE fret board.
  •  You play scales without truly HEARING them.
  •  You see scales as patterns NOT notes.
  •  You struggle with moving fluidly between different parts of the fret board.
  • Guitarists often find it challenging to jam with other musicians using the scales that they have just learnt in their practice room.

Solving these problems puts you in the top 5% of guitar players.

Think about your friends that plays guitar. Name one or a few who totally dominate scales? How many of them can read scales? How many can do solos musically, fluidly, all over the fret board.

This question is worthy of some serious thought.

Very few scale learning methods focus on all five of the essential mastery skills that lead to complete scale mastery. Most scale learning “methods” will give you a whole bunch of scale fingerings. Then they show you some licks. Maybe they even give you a few backing tracks. Then they leave you to it! This does not work for most people. It only works for the most talented guitar players out there. Most of us need some extra help!

The Five Mastery Skills

  1. Ears- If you have internalized the sound, how a single note sound. 
  2. Eyes- You can see all the notes of the scale everywhere without having to think.
  3. Fingers- It is your ability to actually physically play the scale anywhere on your fret board. You can play the scale starting from any note, any position and any string.
  4. Intellect- This is your theoretical understanding of the scale.
  5. Applications- This is your ability to actually use the scale in a musical way.

So what does all this mean?

If you are lacking in even one area…you don’t really know the scale fully. It has not yet been internalized. This means that improvising using the scale in a musical way is challenging, (if not impossible)!

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  2. Guitar Scale Activators- Guitar Scale Activators are special backing tracks. They are designed to bring to life (activate) the sound of any scale that you are practicing. This is very powerful. As a member you’ll gain access to all of the future Bonus Updates that are created during your membership period. All at no extra cost to you.

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