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Do you need to act for a class project or school play? Or do you have big dreams of being an actor on the silver screen? If so, you’ll need to master the basics of acting. Read on for some tips on how to improve your acting skills. Download this incredible deal now!

For every person in the world there is a passion to be found, a god-given gift of potential excellence, whether it be in writing, or athletics, or one of those other things people do. For each of us willing to nurture these skills and pursue the passion wholeheartedly, success waits with open arms. For anyone who thinks that sounds like a lot of work, there is acting.

Gain a solid acting base from home. Learn acting techniques, methods and theories thoroughly, in your own time to gain the best possible foundation for your acting career! Yes, you do need classes and experience, BUT first you need a SOLID platform upon which to build. Get it Now!

 In 1990 my partner and I started up a Performing Arts Studio and my teaching career stepped up a gear. I kept my groups small (I could do this because we owned the place) and the results were excellent. One of the BIG problems with conventional acting tuition is class size and time. Too little time, too many people! These were great times for me; I had the class size and duration that I wanted with students who were keen to learn. My students flew! We experimented with techniques, honed and refined them, put on performances. Finally, six years later, the administration got the better of me, we got rid of the building and my wife continued teaching dance in small halls while I began teaching for other studios.

Here are just a few of the Benefits to be had!

* Instantly create emotional states like Love, Fear, Pride, Anger etc.

* Unlock the Five Stages of Human Interaction so that you can create characters grounded in truth.

* Discover your own Emotional Truth and how to wield it for performance.

* How to make any future acting course more effective.

* Simple exercises to do while watching movies that will improve your acting.

* How to make a subtle change in posture transform you into another character.

* Transforming props into tools to boost your truthful performance.

* Understand the fundamental principles of learning and uncover the causal chains that make us who we are today so that you can create any character.

* Learn the most potent trick in advertising and how to use it as an actor

* Define unique individuals so as to unlock the mysteries of ‘Character’.

I am now offering a digital version of the FULL COURSE! This includes everything!! The package is available to you right now for immediate free download!!

If you have any questions, email me 🙂

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