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Black Suits, Nice hair, black shoes and Nice Tie. Did you remember him? Ever heard of the line “Wait for it?” A line that is so famous that everyone wants to imitate it! I think now you know who this AWESOME person is! Yeah right! Barney Stinson, One of the main characters of the show How I met your Mother, Barney is known to enjoy being single, wearing suits and playing laser-tag. He often uses different techniques and ideas to have sex with women, which is one of the show’s central themes. During the later seasons, however, he does get involved in serious relationships.

This Guide will help you on how to be like him! The AWESOME guy who loves wearing suits and plays laser-tag.

How to become Like Barney Stinson PDF free download

  • A big fan of the hit show How I Met Your Mother?
  • An even bigger fan of Barney Stinson?
  • Looking for ways to make your life more awesome?
  • Want to dress sharp for every occasion?
  • Wondering how to do awesome magic tricks?
  • Trying to add some personality to your apartment?
  • Figuring out how to become LEGEN.. DARY?

Awesome! We have the perfect guide for you.

How to be like Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson is one of the main characters of the popular show ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Although the main character of this show is looking for said mother, there is one guy who attracts a lot more attention.

Barney Stinson.

A womanizer. A bro. A Legendary guy, who is always suited up, looking good and who knows how to handle the ladies.

Over the past 8 seasons Barney developed itself thoroughly. A list of Barney’s skills:

  1. Magic Tricks! On the show he does several magic tricks, including an awesome trick with fire!
  2. Doing good with the ladies. Like no other, our bro knows how to close a lady. He understands the finer details about them, why they do what they do.
  3. Dressing in style. Barney dresses sharp, like a man, always suited up.
  4. Partying in style. Waking up in a dumpster the day after St Patrick’s day is nothing new to Barney. He knows how to build a party. He also knows how to suit up for Halloween and other events.
  5. Never ending awesome quotes. Every episode is another treat of cool tips, great quotes and just amazing theories. Barney has a way of talking, he has a way of acting which is simply remarkable.

You Can Learn This All
What would you think if I would say to you that you can learn this all for yourself?

I’ve spent the past six months breaking down the habits of Barney Stinson, creating lists of awesome gadgets he owns and finding resources for the suits he is wearing.

If you want to become legendary, I’ll make you legendary.

What’s in this Guide?
So you are aiming to come close to the Barnacle in terms of awesomeness? Not something which is done overnight. But you will get that, that is for sure, as long as you have some ready for action steps!

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