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Being a total beginner to being a PRO! Hot Chicks and Guys will totally dig your style! You can totally impress your friends with your PRO skills and even rock the dance floor. Ever wanted to know how? Download this guide for you to find out!

There are simple practices and systems out there that can get you DJing within a few days or a few weeks, but the top DJs, and record labels don’t want you to know about them.

How To Mix So Flawlessly That Other DJs, Friends, And Girls Will Know You As “The Awesome DJ”:

I’ve found 6 things that will improve your DJ skills, from beginner to being a PRO! Here it is:

  1. DJing Is Like Building A Skyscraper- You will be taught different mixes or effects before you can beat match flawlessly every time is like trying to put up the different floors of a new skyscraper building before digging out and pouring the foundation. It’s going to be shakey!
  2. The Easiest Dj Tricks Are The Best Ones- Don’t you know that the easiest way (mixes) when practiced more is one of the best beat. Or I mean the easiest one.
  3. The Secret To Pro Sounding Mixes- Teaching you the proper mixing of beats and its volume. Awesome, right?
  4. It Is Essential That You Mix Without Touching The Platter- Pitch Riding is one of those skills that really separates the flawless Pro DJs and the intermediate DJs that can mix but make mistakes. Its only the DJs with flawless mixing that get the big gigs.
  5. Go Out And “Trainspot”- “Trainspotting” is when you sit behind, or to the side, of the dj booth and watch every move the DJ makes. Its called trainspotting because this is how DJs catch other DJs “trainwrecking” (which is a term that refers to the sound your mix makes if you don’t have the beats matched – a train crashing). Some of the tricks in DJing is learned here. It’s really fun to learn.
  6. My Top Tip: Learn From A Pro- Whenever you go to bookstores you can’t find any single book on how to DJ, its quite ironic since you can find one. A lot of guys and gals really do practice this skill and really do things to just learn. The great news is that learning to DJ is A LOT easier today…you now have access to all sorts of different resources… and the best resource is having an experienced DJ friend to teach you everything. Downloading this you get the first and the finest mentoring from me a PRO DJ.

What You’re Going To Learn from this download (this is not the complete list):

  • How to play any genre or sub-genre of electronic music so you can be a versatile Dj and get more gigs.
  • How to deal with all of the friends and girls you’re going to have coming up to talk to you in the booth while you are trying to mix.
  • The easiest way to mix a CD so you can show your friends how good you are land some gigs.
  • Typical scenarios to watch out for involving women, drinks and small DJ booths.

So, how much is this gonna cost? Brace yourselves!

This program is way cheaper than a series of DJ Lessons and 100 times more effective!

And because I want as many new DJs as possible to benefit from this program, I’ve decided to price this program at only $39.95 for all 3 hours of HD streaming lessons (no DVDs)… plus all the bonuses… and there is NO SHIPPING!

Thats the price of 1 meal out or a few drinks out on the town. I sure hope you’re willing to Invest that much to life the DJ life of your dreams!

This program comes with a better-than-money-back “I’ll take all of the risk” Guarantee…

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