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Kids nowadays are hooked with video games, arcade games and basically “gadget” games. Whew! I’ve seen parents in bookstores searching for ways and means to save their children from those “evil” doings. I mean having to see this kids playing gadgets in a minor age gives you creeps since before you can imagine yourselves playing with neighbors and even doing more creative stuff for past time.

You have come to the right site, the right place! How to draw for kids is a fun arts and crafts eBook with drawing instructions for children. In the pages ahead, you will discover how this eBook can provide educational and creative entertainment for your kids. Learning how to draw is a fun activity, especially for rainy days and kids who are already creatively-minded. Kids learn how to draw animals, people, 3-D shapes, and different facial expressions.

Kids are truly entertained at the same time learning how to draw. Hitting two birds at the same time right? The thing that you always wanted the most for your children are turning into a reality. Off with video games, arcades and computer games, How to draw for kids PDF free is here to save your kids from boredom at the same time learning how the real FUN works!

This eBook has been selling online since 2001. It’s 39 pages packed with step by step instructions on and information on color and color mixtures is also included.

By following the easy steps in this book, anyone can learn how to draw eight different animals – a duck, teddy bear, frog, dinosaur, dog, bird, rabbit, and a turtle. You can learn how to draw people sitting, jumping, standing, and walking, and also learn how to draw different expressions for your people.

This is a great project for kids. Any kids who are interested in crafts, drawing, painting, or other artwork will love it.

All of the instructions have been created with friendly illustrations that are fun and easy to follow. I talked to a lot of people and majority of the testimonials are positive.

Far too often our kids end up watching the same cartoons over and over again. Cartoons are great but it’s also fantastic to give your kids something to play with that will teach them something.


The process of imaging what a person can draw is fantastic entertainment that is inspiring and productive.


Any child who has an interest in drawing or art of any type will enjoy this eBook. I know that the book I had like this when I was little helped foster my own creativity.


Even if kids quickly master the drawings included in this eBook, they will have gained an interesting skill that they can use for the rest of their lives — knowing how to break down the shapes around them into easily manageable pieces.

Follow instructions

Learning to follow step-by-step instructions is a great benefit to this eBook. Being able to follow instructions is a crucial life skill.

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Step 3: Draw- This eBook comes as a regular PDF file that can be opened and printed with Adobe Reader or any similar program.

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