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When you go in to the details, or when you compare yourself with more successful persons in your field, you will notice the lack of one fundamental aspect in your career in Hip Hop.  It is nothing but your own Hip Hop Chords PDF free ebook. Hip Hop Chords Ebook is not fiction, it is real , proven fact, which thousands of successful people in your field follow. I heard a lot of Dj’s to got this book for a lot more comprehensive performances.  Many beatmakers don’t have the ability to play instruments.  They choose to use samples of musicians through vinyl, cd’s, and other forms of media.  Believe me, I have heard a lot of murmurs along the way. I heard a lot of sample music being used by other musicians for their music and being a musician on the field is quite disturbing. Others may tinkle around the keyboard until they can come up with something that they like.  This can be both frustrating and time consuming.  Many producers on the other hand actually hire musicians for this. Since they can afford!

What if you were tired of just sampling and wanted to add to your skills.  As a musician, I realize that everyone does not possess the ability to play live instruments.  Everyone hasn’t had the opportunity to take music lessons or the experience to play in bands.  But no need to worry! Hip Hop Chords Ebook is simple but the effect is immense. Once you start your own Hip Hop Chords Ebook, You will be able to take your career to the next level. You are in the right place!

Essential Hip Hop Chords

  • Help evolve from beatmaker to producer
  • Function like a real musician by providing the chords that are played by real musicians
  • Use your 16 Pad Drum machine like a piano or any other instrument that plays chords
  • Steer away from “tinker bell” like beats
  • Learn about different keys and chord names by ear
  • Expand your musical vocabulary
  • Get inspired to create classic sounding and thought provoking beats

Facts about Hip Hop Chords eBook

  • World’s first chord ebook made for drum machine
  • Must have MIDI 16 Pad drum machine in a 4X4 formation
  • Applies to all skill levels
  • No musicial training is required in order to use the system provided
  • Very easy to read 16 Pad diagrams

I will share with you musical theory that’s easy to understand and not filled with boring technical stuff.  You will have over 60 of the most essential chords at your disposal.  This will allow you to have countless possibilities for beat creation.    Fulfill your destination to move to the next level in your production skills and move beyond the norm. Download Essential Hip Hop Chords PDF free ebook now.

Get your Hip Hop Chords Ebook and go ahead with confidence. Success will be yours.Hip Hop Chords Ebook is a treasure chest with a wealth of information for you to use. Feel the tingle of excitement and the thrill of achievement. Don’t waste time and click that Download button!

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