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The reggae keyboard is probably the hardest instrument in reggae music to get information on. It was first used in the 80’s as synthesizers. Before that, the musicians relied mainly on the reggae piano and organs for their sound. Typically an upright piano was used miked through an amp or stage sound system.

These days’ pianos are rarely used on stage or in studios for playing or recording reggae music. Most of the pianos, organs, Synthesizers and clavinet sound come straight from the reggae keyboard. In fact, and God forbid, they are so versatile that some bands are now using them for bass and guitar parts. Believe it or not, any decent keyboard can be used as a reggae keyboard.  The thing with the keyboard unlike other instruments used in reggae is that, it’s digital and you can experiment a bit and it will still sound relatively good.

In this guide you will discover:

  • How to play well known gospel song in reggae.
  • See how we use classic hymn songs that you know and give it that Caribbean feel.
  • Learn lift hand bassline keyboard rhythms that you can start playing today.
  • See how we accompany right hand major chords with several basslines that will make your playing sound different every time you play.

You must be thinking of what you will get in this video deal. Oh well, to name a few, here it is:

  • You don’t have to go in search for musicians to show you these tricks and technique. Getting help to play this type of music is very hard, since most professional musicians have their hands full doing tours and concerts. Then there are musicians that are reluctant to share their experience with you.
  • You don’t have to take hour to figure it out. Although a lot of professionals started out this way it took them years to reach at the level that they are now. But why go through all that time when you can have this information now.
  • To learn how to play reggae music you don’t have to take tons of lessons. Getting a teacher to teach you music which can cost you a lot of money. Then there are teachers that just take their time in teaching you, eventually it may take you months to reach a certain level.

How much am I going to spend on  this definitely nice deal? I think of thousands of dollars for this incredible one. For just $22.45, you can have this course download right away on to your computer. It’s a no-brainer deal and if you’re serious about learning how to play reggae music, taking your piano playing to the next level, then you’ll have no problem with this offer.

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