How To Prepare For A Trip Around Australia PDF free download


So you’re looking forward to preparing for a trip around Australia. Then this book is for you. We guide you through the very exciting, but at the same time, daunting mission of preparing for a magnificent adventure around this fine country.

How to Prepare for a Trip Around Australia PDF free download helps you as it covers everything you’ll need to know about traveling around and throughout Australia. You’ll know where exactly to go, best time of the year to go and how long you should stay there for.

You’ll also learn the best rig setup for your intended traveling requirements. Vehicle preparation is an important facet of preparing to travel around this fine country, so the guide covers maintenance, protection, spare parts you’ll need and recovery gear in the event of becoming stranded (likely to happen at least once when you venture off the bitumen).

Communication equipment is also covered in Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling Around Australia PDF free download, including two-way radio systems, satellite phones, cell phone coverage and internet access whilst you are undertaking your adventures.

You’ll also need to know exactly where you are going and how to get there. Hence why this guide covers GPS navigation systems as well as backup traditional maps. You’ll even learn how to use a compass!

Emergencies can happen in the Australian outback. Preparing for an emergency is your best coverage, and learning about outback survival is certainly important. Australia has extreme heat, extreme cold, dust storms, electrical storms, most of the world’s most dangerous snakes, spiders, sharks and jellyfish. Being safe is no laughing matter!

Life on the road is also covered in the book Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling Around Australia PDF free download. Life on the road is certainly different, so topics like mail handling, kids entertainment and schooling, budgeting and staying in touch with loved ones is certainly covered. You’ll also learn how to record the memories of the most amazing adventure of your life.

This book comes in PDF format through our link here at SourceDownloads. It’s an instant download and we hope you have a wonderful journey around the amazing continent that is Australia.