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Hello there! I’ll be teaching you in making Fabulous Fascinators and Creative Cocktail Hats!

I dreamed of seeing every girl I know as elegant as possible, wearing a fabulous hat is one accessory that can help achieve this.

I have written this Ebook for the creative, passionate milliner, as well as anyone, who has had the desire to use their hidden creative talents to produce a millinery masterpiece!! For this reason, I have chosen to use equipment that is readily available to all, such as, a kettle, iron, and for those who have not yet invested in a block, I have suggested the use of a polystyrene head. It would be too great a disappointment for me, if you felt that you were not able to move forward creatively, due to a lack of the proper equipment!

I must emphasize at this point, that anyone with, passion, a good eye, and a creative heart will very easily be able to follow through on my instructions!! This should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for you, as it is for me!!

I have structured this E book in 12 chapters, the first 11, pertaining to the creative cocktail hat, and the final chapter deals specifically with the fabulous fascinator. Each chapter gives you a step, by step written instruction, on how to achieve the final result. I have also systematically photographed the process, so that you are able to check each step, of your work, as you go along. All in all, this Ebook has over 80 photographic illustrations on 43 pages.

E-book Outline
Chapter #1
Steaming – We begin by preparing our block, and manipulating our buckram through the process of steaming.

Chapter #2
Blocking – We block our buckram and secure it to our block.

Chapter #3
Buckram Removal – I have guided you on how to remove your buckram from your block, without negatively influencing the shape.

Chapter #4
Cocktail Bases – We go through the process of outlining and cutting out our buckram bases.

Chapter #5
Wiring & Binding – Secure wire to the rim of our base and secure the wired edge with binding.

Chapter #6

Buckram Base Covering – Cut out our silk fabric base and neatly attach it to our buckram base.

Chapter #7
Rose Creation – I have taken you through a step by step process on how you can create your own roses.

Chapter #8
Bow Creation – I have taken you through a step by step process on creating your own bows.

Chapter #9
Feather Creation – I have taken you through a step by step process on how to dye, prune and trim your feathers.

Chapter #10
Cocktail Construction – We shall bring all our trimmings together and securely attach them, to our silk covered buckram base.

Chapter #11
Finish – We create a cushioned base, attach it to our completed buchrham base, to complete our Creative Cocktail Hat.

Chapter #12
Fabulous Fascinators – We create a fascinator through a detailed step by step process of, feather pruning, as-semblance and attachment to the fascinator comb.

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