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A chord in music is any harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously. Chords and sequences of chords are frequently used in modern Western, West African and Oceanian music and even American music.

Your own Piano Chord Chart .exe file free download on your computer desktop! All yours for only a minimal time. Want to know more about it? Download this guide on your own convenience.

I know it is quite difficult to remember every chord in the piano. What if your a beginner? Then its much more difficult. In this download you can memorize/familiarize the chords in an instant! All yours for a minimal price only.

Chords for all keyboards, whether piano or electronic keyboard or synthesizer or organ — any keyboard! It works like an Amazing Keyboard Chord Chart & Piano Chord Computer!

If you own a Mac computer then do not download this deal. As we are trying to work out its compatibility.

If you want it to be on CDrom, we have it!

Piano Chord Chart On your computer desktop! Find Piano Chords Instantly! Download it right now to your desktop so you can look up any chord instantly!

As you can see, the Keyboard Computer Chord Chart Finder shows you ALL the chords BOTH on the keyboard and on the bass and treble clef music staff. So you SEE what each piano chord and/or keyboard chord looks like both on your sheet music and on your keyboard! This will not only solve all your chord problems, but it will also speed up your sight-reading! Why? Because you see BOTH the notation and what your left hand plays — all in the same glance. So your brain connects the two, and your sight-reading automatically speeds up. Notice it also shows the scale of the piano chord! Those are the notes you use to improvise based on that chord! (Wish I had this while I was learning to improvise!) It makes no sound, but you SEE what the piano chord looks like for your hand to play and your eye to read!

You not only get all the:

Major chords, Minor Chords, Augmented Chords, Diminished Chords, 7th Chords and a lot lot more.

But you also get all the inversions of these piano chords. That totals to hundreds and hundreds of chords, piano chords.

Plus you get all the scales with one click! Yes with your powerful fingers you can get this awesome deal. One Click! (12 major scales, 12 harmonic minor scales, 12 melodic minor scales, and 12 major pentatonic scales- does not show minor pentatonic scales).

It’s like paying your college education by the way. For only 39 bucks!

It’s a chord finder, chord dictionary, chord locator, and chord chart all wrapped into one! Amazing!

Get the Keyboard Chord Finder free download software that is equivalent of a thousand-dollar college education in chords for just next to nothing. I can’t wait to teach you all the keyboard chords (same as piano chords) on your own computer desktop so you’ll never have to wonder about a chord again! It’s like having your own chord dictionary!

Get this deal now and let’s get started!

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