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Comedy is a tough way to make a living, and difficult to master with any kind of success.

These secrets will teach you how to kill the audience with stand up comedy. This will make your audience cry out and eventually will kill them! Kidding!

This is a global sensation. The Killer Stand Up Comedy System has truly evolved into an extremely effective and easy to use online course that really trains comedians to develop and deliver pro comedian materials in the stage in a limited time. You will be timed to give out the best joke of all time. It is all in here.

The courses focused and specialized online educational resource for comedians contains 8 core Training Modules, lucky you that the first module comes out free, yes without any cost, only for you!

Here’s a peek of the First Module:

  • Demonstrate how the Training Modules work and is presented in a fun way throughout the course.
  • Misconceptions on how to give out jokes. Whether your jokes are really jokes.
  • Confidence building whether your stance, strategies provided really is beneficial to your stand up comedy activities.

Only the toughest makes it to the end. Only you who are determined gets the chance to be named as Comedian.

Confidence building is quite difficult if you don’t practice it yourself. If you have what it takes and excels using the information provided in the course:

  1. Talented. You have in you the sense of humor and you make everyone laugh with just standing or doing nothing.
  2. They understand that writing the comedy is different from impromptu
  3. Open in rewriting stuff. Open to learning that topic based comedy is much better than just thinking what you think is funny and having no sense of theme at all
  4. Developing and studying your topic is much better that audience generate a much higher level of laughter even when you are just starting up
  5. They understand that stand-up comedy materials generates big laughs is developed over multiple performances
  6. They can embrace the fact that headliner stand up comedy material generates a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter for every performing minute on stage.

Because this course doesn’t include the “conventional” type of comedy that is quite boring and out of the picture these days. Kindly check if you have any doubt if above wouldn’t benefit you at all.

For those who wanted a higher learning after reading those, here is what you need to know before we start.

  1. Core course content (valued at $149.95)- Step by step process for developing and structuring and professionally delivering topic based stand up comedy that ultimately generates a higher laughter level. (18 seconds of laughter every minute) 
  2. Phone Coaching Audio Package (valued $129.95)-  We will be coaching you and talking to you straight on your phone. Hassle free! We will also answer your questions in an instant.
  3. 1 year Comedy Evaluator Pro Access (valued at $159. 80)- Specifically helps comedians easily and specifically measure these performances in any given recorded stand up comedy stance.

NOTE: Members with good standing may request a free 1 year extension of access to your Pro Evaluator Pro at anytime beyond the initial 14 day free trial period.

This is a One-Time Registration Fee

Currently this course is on a 1 time payment deal of $129.95 (subject to increase at any time without notice) and provides members with good standing limited access to:

  • 8 Core Course Training Modules
  • Phone Coaching Audio Package
  • 1 year Comedy Evaluator Pro

Once you are a member for 9 weeks, we are upgrading you to a Pro Member Status and gain additional lifetime access to the advanced course materials and a free 30 minute phone consultation with me

  • 10 independently specialty lessons package
  • Corporate Comedy Secrets Audio Training Package
  • Free 30 minute phone consultation by your truly

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and best in your stand-up comedy adventures.

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