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Wondered how DJ’s get excited and play during night parties with confidence? We usually just stare at them since you don’t understand what they are doing. They play upbeat music and we dance as if there is no tomorrow!

Learn to DJ with just a LAPTOP, YES A LAPTOP- a video course for beginners like you!

Learn to mix musics like a pro and rock your house party with just your very own laptop!

Don’t waste endless time struggling to work all this out by yourself. Get a head start to your first laptop-only DJ gig with this 90 minutes of essential online DJ video training, designed for absolute beginners. Our students tell us they love these videos because they’re like having a pro DJ looking over your shoulder, helping you every step of the way.

Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home free download is brought to you by us, Digital DJ Tips, the makers of the best-selling How To Digital DJ Fast pro DJ training. But being priced at just $9, this special starter course offers practical tuition that’s accessible to everyone, and that will help you to work out the basics – fast!

What you’ll learn in this amazing deal:

  • You start off learning what’s really important when you’ve set your sights on DJing success with Virtual DJ Home, so you can put your efforts where they count
  • We show you the one simple trick that means you won’t have to buy any extra gear at all apart from a simple, cheap cable, in order to set your system up exactly like a pro’s
  • A DJ is only as good as his music – so we show you where to find digital music, as well as give you pro how to build a library tips – whatever your preferred style
  • We show you the essentials you need to know about using Virtual DJ, right from the very basics – you’ll be performing your first mix in minutes!
  • Scared of “beatmatching”? We have a proven method of teaching it! You’ll be able to hold your head high in any DJ company, even with vinyl die hards
  • We teach you some tricks that’ll have you doing in five minutes what DJs used to spend months or even years learning!
  • Want to wow your audience with some advanced DJ stuff? We teach you about loops, cues, and vinyl effects. You can easily use all of these things right away
  • All of this will have you ready for your first DJ gig in no time. We show you what’s in pro DJ booths and how to set up without errors
  • Finally, we give you practical tips on how to come across like a real pro at your gigs. You’ll look, act and sound the real deal


  1. Video 1: Introduction- basically you will be taught about Disc Jockey things. And making your DJ dreams fast
  2. Video 2: What you’ll need- making sure what you’ll work with the right equipment
  3. Video 3: All about the music- Why and how pro DJs use iTunes, where to buy music, an amazing tip for free and exclusive tunes, how to organizing your music and create DJ playlists.
  4. Video 4: Setting up the contents- Using your iTunes playlists in the software, using NetSearch to fulfil DJ requests, configuring Virtual DJ Home to work well for you, and other tweaks and tips to get the software ready to use.
  5. Video 5: Your First Mix- how to analyze your tunes
  6. Video 6: Real Beat matching- All about tempo, how to use sync and nudge, what the wave forms mean, and what you need to understand about beats, bars and phrases to leapfrog rookie DJs and start beat matching like the pros.

and a lot lot more!!

Your 100% no-risk guarantee
We’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with our Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home online video course. But if you aren’t, we offer a 100% no-quibble, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, just tell us within 60 days and we’ll refund your money promptly. That’s our promise to you.

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