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Artists take a variety of approaches to drawing the human figure. They may draw from live models or from photographs, from skeletal models, or from memory and imagination. Drawing from imagination is often lauded for the expressiveness it encourages, and criticized for the inaccuracies introduced by the artist’s lack of knowledge or limited memory in visualizing the human figure; the experience of the artist with other methods has a large influence on the effectiveness of this approach.

Learn in 3 simple steps to easily do pencil drawings of the human figure, whether beginner or advanced. Get experienced advice from classically trained industry professionals on how to draw clothes, hair, faces, eyes, mouths, hands… and See your art develop just like the masters.

Here’s what’s in Master the Human Form PDF free, The Most Comprehensive Figure Drawing E-book.

  • You get concise pages of specific instruction and illustrations. This will aid you in your learning process. You will not fail because you will be able to see step by step the process, from A to Z.
  • Discover “How To” strategies that will put you at the top of your game, you will learn the How to’s of block-in, contour drawing, shading, hatching and cross-hatching, and more. This alone will help you in your drawings to achieve a likeness to have life instilled in your drawings.
  • Plus a section on “Avoid Common Mistakes” to help you know what to look out for and which bad habits not to start. This will help you as an artists by keeping you from developing common mistakes and letting them turn into bad habits. It will also help beginner’s to know what to look out for when starting out and more experienced artists check their own work for these pitfalls of common mistakes.
  • Discover the secrets of the Eye vs. the Mind. See your art explode to new levels as you start seeing things differently.
  • Learn specific Techniques on standardizing the head to enable you to block in quickly and without mistakes. You will see your drawings become more accurate and concise with a likeness never before achieved with these simple block-in techniques.
  • Find out How to draw hair and have it look better than ever with a natural flowing look, avoiding drawing single strands. You will learn to draw hair that is curly or straight, long or short, shiny or lustruous, by treating hair as a mass.
  • Learn the awful truth about passion and persistence. How with them you can be great and without you can never achieve your artistic potential. Find out how you are your best friend or worst enemy to your art and how to make your art work for you.
  • Learn how to master a system of outsets and curves that will make your drawings come alive and not look robotic. See an illustrated section on these outsets and curves that can make all the difference in your drawings and have your drawings come alive.
  • Learn how to draw hands and have them look like the person’s hands you are drawing. You will find that hands are not as hard as they may have seemed before.
  • Discover how to turn your passion for art into a career by doing what you love, Drawing!
  • … and there’s more … MUCH MORE!

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