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You’re about to learn the hottest Dance Moves on DVD!

Wanting to go to a club but doesn’t wanna dance since you have 2 left feet? Brace yourselves for you will learn to dance and become one of the best dancers in town even if you never danced in your life!

Learn Easy Practical Moves instead of memorized routines.

We have created an original, fully loaded dance series that’ll teach you exactly how to dance socially in a fun, easy, and simple way. Forget routines, formal dance steps, and toss everything you thought you knew about learning to dance out the window. Forget ballroom, over the top hip hop moves, and get ready to learn hot, practical, easy to follow dance moves you can use tonight!

Separate DVDs for men and women

For Guys,

If you have two left feet and want to learn to dance fast, then you are just moments away from being very happy.  You’re about to learn how to dance with confidence, how to enjoy your own dirty dancing moment every night you go out, and how to dance the night away without worrying about your moves.

I call the DVD “Hip Hop Moves For The Club – The Lazy Guy’s Way To Become A Good Dancer… FAST!”

This just-released DVD covers every angle of dancing in a club so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing next time you go out.

Each one of my live dance classes costs $25 and since I have to make sure all 15 students are learning the moves correctly.  I have to go at a much slower pace. So you would easily need to take at least 10 classes to get the same amount of moves and instruction that I packed into this DVD.

That comes out to at least $250 to learn these same exact moves. But I won’t charge you anywhere near that. Heck, I won’t even charge you $50… a fifth of the cost.

So I decided to price Hip Hop Moves For The Club at just $29.99. And just for a limited time, I’ve lowered the price even more. For just this limited time, you can get get your hands on this comprehensive club dancing system for just $26.99… And the cost of shipping and handling is on me (even if you live outside the U.S.).

For Girls,

Have you ever wanted to move your body like Beyonce and shake your hips like Shakira?  Created by the backup dancers to the stars, our instructional dance videos are about to teach you today’s hottest and sexiest dance moves and the best part is, they’re all much easier to learn than you think!

By now you’re probably wondering “How much is this incredible package going to cost?”

Get Sexy Moves for the Club free download, Girls Night Out, and the Sexy Moves Workout free download. Want the DVDs even sooner? Start learning in minutes and save even more! Our instant free download is available now.  A pretty amazing bargain compared to how many HOURS of FUN you’ll have once you bust these moves out on the dance floor. How much attention you’ll get. how much easier it’ll be to get the eye of that cute guy.

Just select which DVD option you prefer and click the “Learn More” buttons below to get instant access to free tips and video previews.

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