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This is a No Budget Film Making Guide! Meaning Film School is a SCAM! Majority of the things you will learn from here is not presented in the Film School. Yes, Everything I learned in Film School can be learned right here.

I was once an aspiring filmmaker just like you. My parents paid thousands of dollars to send me to film school. About halfway through, I came to a realization…

Everything I REALLY needed to know was covered in the first week of Film School…everything else was just a waste of time. All these Film Schools and Expensive Training Courses are just fluff, dependent upon the fact that you think Filmmaking is hard and costs Millions of dollars.


Everything important I learned, I put right in this book.

This is my first book, where I layed out all the important stuff that I learned in film school. This is a perfect primer for anyone that wants to know the down and dirty basics of making their very own films. And…the truth is, you can do it on little, or even NO MONEY!

I will guide you all the way from the script to editing, and teach you some amazing time and money saving secrets along the way. If you are serious about making your own movies…you can’t afford to NOT have this information!

In this guide, we went and talked to Real Life filmmakers and asked them to share the tips and secrets that they have learned over the years. We wanted to know what they “wish they would have known BEFORE they made their first films. ”

It’s like having an experienced filmmaker personally passing on his most valuable advice. With this knowledge, you will be 10 steps ahead of everyone else!


You know…this is something that nobody ever really teaches in Film Schools, yet I think it is probably one of the most important parts of filmmaking…

Creativity is the key to successful filmmaking, and this book delivers clear and effective ways to Unleash the creativity you have inside you and apply it to your scripts, production, and everyday life. Set yourself apart from other wannabe filmmakers by letting your creativity show through in your films!

Want to know the TRUTH about making movies?

The truth is…Nobody else is able to make a filmmaker out of you.
Nobody is going to hand you millions of dollars and let you make a movie. Nobody is going to take you seriously in this business until you show them that you can actually stop talking about making movies, and actually produce one!

We can give you all the tools, tips, and information you need to make a movie, but unless you take initiative to actually follow through and do it…you will never be a filmmaker! Everything you need is layed out for you in this kit…it is now up to you to get out there and show the world that you ARE A FILM MAKER, not just a FILM TALKER like everyone else!

GOOD NEWS: The good news is that I am talking with a large publishing company, and it looks like the “NO BUDGET FREE FILMMAKING ULTRA-PACK FREE DOWNLOAD” may be available in retail book stores nation-wide sometime very soon!

BAD NEWS: The bad part about that deal is that after reviewing the product, the publishing company has decided that they want to set the retail price at $149.99 for the entire kit!

GOOD NEWS: But…due to the low cost of electronic delivery versus publishing, packing, and shipping the product…I can offer the digital download version of the exact same product to you here, for much less than retail! I did the math, and after the publishing company subtracts the shipping and printing costs, along with their cut of the sales…I am actually only making about $50 out of each sale. So…I am offering the entire kit to you here as a digital download for that low price!!!

I figure that I will be making the same amount either way…why not let you reap the huge savings by getting it straight from me online today???

So for a limited time get the entire Digital version and Downloads of the “NO BUDGET FILMMAKING ULTRA-PACK FREE” all for simply nothing if you return it within 60 days. 🙂

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