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A teenager cracked a code of mastering absolute and relative pitch in less than six weeks. I don’t wanna be dorky (remember that the one who cracked the code for this is much a dork than me) but I wanted to share a little about Pitch.  Pitch is an auditory sensation in which a listener assigns musical tones to relative positions on a musical scale based primarily on the frequency of vibration. Pitch is a major auditory attribute of musical tones, along with duration, loudness, and timbre. Pitch therefore is the essence of  song. Without it no one can make music. So sit back for the next few minutes as I reveal to you how this secret weapon will totally transform your musical skills forever!

“So What Is Relative Pitch?” It is the ability to identify a note by relating it to another note. For example, you hear one note quickly followed by another note, and by hearing these two notes side-by-side you’re able to determine that they’re spaced 3 semi-tones apart or an interval of a minor 3rd. This is the power of relative pitch and why a person who possesses this ability is far ahead of the average musician! I don’t want to brag but I met the guy who cracked the code and his research is amazing. Worth the share. And his secret is now available for everyone to share.

Here’s what’s gonna happen if you download this amazing one of a kind deal. How PitchMaster Pro works:

The Pitch Master Pro software is broken up into two separate modules. Relative Pitch and Absolute Pitch. Each module includes various sections designed to teach you to master the art of pitch recognition.

In the Relative Pitch module you will learn to:

1. Name every interval by ear. Example, Perfect 5th.
2. Name all common chords by ear. Example, Major 7.
3. Name all the modes of a major scale by ear. Example, Dorian Mode.

In the Absolute Pitch module you will learn to:

1. Audiate various notes through specially designed exercises. This will enable you to hear notes in your mind and connect them with note names.
2. Name any note by ear. Example, A3.

Pitch Master Pro also benefits from over 200 lessons of multiple choice quizzes so you can test your progress as you build up your inner ear. And best of all, these quizzes are randomized so you will never get bored! It ‘s more fun while learning!

I am quite happy that you have reached this point that’s why I am giving you a huge discount for this! Pitch Master Pro is currently offered at just $69.95 with Guitar Tutor Pro (worth $47.00) absolutely FREE! Yes I’m also giving you a bonus for this deal. For Free! I don’t know how long I’ll offer this FREE bonus! So be sure to grab this great offer while it’s still available.

 I’m so confident that Pitch Master Pro free download will totally transform the way you see and hear music that I’m offering you a full 60 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee! This has helped me and I’m so glad you wanted to try this. Don’t you worry, you won’t regret this.

Take advantage of this incredible software today and experience the joy of having absolute and relative pitch faster than you thought possible!

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