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26 complete guitar lessons package with a total of 8 hours of intense tuition. Yes all you need for your guitar needs. You might owned a guitar but it’s left for good, I mean you’ve wanted to use it so bad but you just can’t. So I am giving you all access to this guitar lesson. It’s  something I assure you that you will learn from experts. We researched for this for years. And I am happy to share this fabulous deal to you. All 26 complete guitar lessons straight from your own comfort. Only for you. So what are you waiting for? Get this one now!

The course that teaches ALL acoustic blues styles! Each lesson is presented as a video file in Windows format (downloads) with option for delivery in Windows or Mac format on a data disk. You won’t be bored after watching how I play for you. You can even play or pause if your missing out something. Videos are far more useful than having a tutor of your own. And having a private tutor is far more expensive than this download. One click and you will have unlimited access to this deal. PDF tablature file is included for printing out. Slow motion split-screen video of both hand techniques ensure a rich learning experience. At last, you can learn the authentic tricks used by the classic blues men.

Here’s what you will get from us in the Texas – Delta Blues Guitar Free Course Download:

  • 8 hours of detailed tuition – download and disk
  • An instant download link is provided immediately after payment
  • 26 complete lessons covering all major blues picking styles
  • Separate tablature files for print out
  • Slow motion close ups of both hands
  • On-screen chord diagrams and tablature for quick reference
  • Ragtime, delta blues, bottleneck and open tunings

PLUS there’s more! Since you wanted this so badly, I am giving you bonuses for your entertainment for free! This bonuses is quite expensive that selling them separately will cost you a hundred more. All yours for free!

BONUS GIFT #1 Jim’s MP3 album ‘Metro’.
BONUS GIFT #2 Acoustic Blues Travellers MP3 album ‘Wake Up, Walk Out.’

Since I love how this deal is working out for everyone who emailed me, originally it is at 16 lessons but now I am giving you 10 more. You are just paying the 16 lessons while the 10 lessons are absolutely free of charge for you.

Here’s a glimpse of how this video is working!

Each lesson starts with Jim playing the whole song, at full speed. This is good to watch, although it can seem a little daunting, when you realize you’ll be learning to play the same tune!

Then the lesson itself begins, as Jim breaks the song right down into small, manageable sections that you can work on in a practice session. He also slows it right down, making it much easier to follow along.

In the relevant sections of the video, the guitar tab or chord/fingering charts are shown in the lower part of the screen, making it easy to follow.

One thing that can seem difficult when you’re learning to play acoustic blues guitar, is coordinating the picking action from your right hand, with changing chords and fretting notes with the left. In each of the lesson videos, Jim shows close ups of both the right hand picking technique and the left hand chord positions, so you can see more easily what’s happening.

Each of the different song sections are then put together, so you can soon make progress towards playing more complete parts of the song. Of course, there’s more than one way to play acoustic blues guitar.

So what are you waiting for, get this one now!

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