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If you have ever been to a wedding or another social gathering where the piano was being played, and you wished that you could play it, then you may want to learn how to play piano. Popular songs like the wedding march can get you a lot of work if you know how to play it well. Learning any new skill can benefit and enrich your life. Whether you want to play professionally as a hobby, learning to play piano can be very relaxing once you learn to play it well.

Playing Popular Music With Ease
(this ebook will open up a whole new world of popular music for you!)

Here’s how this ebook will help you play popular music:

  • If you can read a song’s melody written on the treble staff, you will quickly learn how to translate the guitar chords shown in popular music books into attractive piano accompaniments.
  • If you can play melodies of your favorite popular music songs by ear on the piano or keyboard, you will learn how to accompany yourself using just the chords shown in popular music song books.
  • Whatever the case, you will learn simple techniques that will allow you, progressively, to master and embellish chords and play your favorite popular songs in your own unique style with ease!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Today!

  • Easy-to-Learn Accompaniments – Start by learning to play very simple single note accompaniments and progress at your own pace through a series of graded levels right up to advanced accompaniments.
  • Notes Are Clearly Labelled in Every Example – Read every music example easily with the help of note names written beside the notes on the bass or treble staff.
  • All the Chords – With this comprehensive ebook, learn how to play all the common types of chords you will find in popular music books: * Major Chords * Minor Chords * Seventh and Minor Seventh Chords * Sixth and Minor Sixth Chords * Diminished and Diminished Seventh Chords * Augmented Chords * Suspended Chords * Add Chords * Higher Order Chords; and * Slash Chords.
  • The Ultimate Chord Comparison Chart – See how all the chords relate to each other with our comprehensive comparison chart of all the chords.
  • Adjust Your Chords for Easier Playing – Discover how to select chord variations that will make your playing so much easier.
  • Enhance Your Bass Accompaniment – Explore four attractive chord embellishment techniques to add flair to your popular music accompaniments.
  • Enrich Your Melody – Try three important techniques for beautifying your melody and giving it a full rich sound.
  • Play Music Clips so You Can HEAR the Chords and Embellishments – Play embedded music clips that give clear illustrations for every chord type and embellishment technique.

  • Advanced Chord Structure Tips – Leap forward in your understanding of advanced chords with our unique advanced chord tips.
  • And Best of All, Learn Easily – Understand each step easily with the help of simplified instructions in plain English and with clear examples – designed to accelerate your progress!

How much is this going to cost?

This comprehensive ebook would be great value at $29.97, but to get this fantastic technique into students’ hands, I am willing to offer it right now for just $14.97.

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You’ll be downloading the book in just two minutes from now (no matter where you live and even if it is 1:00 am). This guide is in electronic book (ebook) format, which means you can download it right on your computer, and you can start using the great techniques just seconds after purchasing.

When learning to play, popular songs will come naturally to you as you progress through the learning process. Soon you will be able to play all of your favorites to perfection. An entire world of music is out there just waiting for you to play it. If you want to, you can even create your own music and your own songs.

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