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Every amazing musician has his or her own secrets that they can’t reveal since they might blow up their careers and even more their lives. It is the same if your a musician and you don’t have that perfect pitch, everyone has little secrets, right? According to research: Most professionals agree that a good sense of pitch is one of the most important qualities of good musicianship. I couldn’t agree more! Every musician has his or her own sense of pitch according to  numerous leading surveys have concluded that at least 50% of today’s top recording artists have either absolute pitch, relative pitch, or both!

The Pure Pitch Method has been acknowledged by musicians all around the world as the fastest and easiest approach to developing pitch recognition anywhere!

The true power of this method is the speed at which you can start using these innovative pitch recognition techniques. Think about this for a minute; who wants to spend months or even years learning from other pitch recognition courses than fail to see any results? Instead why not join the thousands of other musicians who use the Pure Pitch Method and see results from day one!

The Pure Pitch Method is so effective that you will start naming notes by ear within the first lesson! This is unheard of for every other absolute pitch course ever created, and is the reason why the Pure Pitch Method is seen by many as the best in the world. It is the fastest and easiest approach available anywhere!

Here is a breakdown of how The First Phase of The Pure Pitch Method works:

  • You hear a note played.
  • Using your embedded Primary Anchor Note as a reference you instantly work out where that particular note sits in the chromatic scale.
  • You call out the note by name.

The Pure Pitch Method includes 39 daily lessons which encompass exercises designed to strengthen your inner ear and enable you to master the art of absolute pitch and relative pitch with ease! Not only will you learn how to identify any note by name, but also any interval, or common chord!

Below is a list of just some of the awesome things awaiting you.

  • Learn How To Name Any Note Or Chord By EAR!
  • Play All Your Favorite Songs By Ear! (I Love This One!)
  • Sing Any Note From Memory Without Using A Pitch Pipe!
  • Compose Songs And Melodies In Your Head With Ease!
  • Find Any Chord By Ear, Instead Of Searching With Your Eyes Or Fingers!
  • Know The Key Signature Of Any Song By EAR!
  • Identify Whether A Pitch Is Sharp Or Flat By Ear!
  • Hear Sheet Music Mentally As You Read It!
  • Improvise With Confidence, Knowing You Can’t Mess Up!
  • Increase Your Appreciation Of Music!

So for the next few days the Pure Pitch course can be yours for just $97.00! Now if you’ve followed along so far then you know this price is peanuts compared to the opportunities that will present themselves to a musician with absolute pitch recognition. In fact after this auction ends I will probably raise the price substantially and of course people will pay for it because it is worth a lot more.

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