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A lot of my friends asked me if I can teach them how to read the Ledger Line, It made me laugh since I am more of researching on my own than teaching others. Oh well, I gave it a try and I succeeded. I gave it a try with my friends how and now I made this book and download available just for you. Easy and convenient ways to teach newbies/beginners like you.

The ledger lines are an extension of the staff. On the Treble Cleff, the highest line is the note “F”. The space at the top of the Treble Cleff going up is the note “G”. The next note up requires a ledger line, and is the note “A” Going up again brings us to the space above the first ledger line which is “B”. In the Bass Cleff, you go down the scale starting a G as the lowest line on the Staff. Then “F” in the space below, and the “E” note gets the first ledger line below the Bass staff. The second ledger line below is the note “C”

An easy way to remember it is the ledger line between both staffs is middle C. Middle C only has one ledger line. Above and below the staff, the C notes have 2 ledger lines.

Most music courses expected students to just learn the ledger line notes by heart. Some used really complicated memory aids, which somehow seemed to make the task of learning these extra notes even worse. Some music courses suggested four different memory aids for working out the notes that are above the staves. And if you wanted to work out notes that were below the staves, they got you to say the memory aids backwards!

Here’s what you will receive from this ebook:

  • Learn to read all the ledger line notes in HOURS… not weeks.
  • Discover a simple shortcut for reading the 8 most common ledger line notes.
  • Using just two simply-learnt poems, you will learn to read ALL the ledger line notes on a standard 88 white note piano.
  • You will be taken step-by-step through each technique. Colorful diagrams and embedded music clips will ensure each example is crystal clear for you.
  • Learn the meaning of the useful “8va” symbol (page 19).
  • Understand the interesting patterns of the Middle Ledger Line Notes (page 20).
  • Discover the special symmetry of important notes (page 21).
  • In short, you will find learning to read the ledger line notes is both fun and fast.

 Learning to read ledger line notes is an essential part of becoming a musician. By investing just $14.97 in this ebook you can overcome one of the biggest obstacles to your progress — and go on to explore the full range of your favorite music!

This ebook is in PDF format. It will work on all computers running Windows 98 2nd Edition or later, and Macs running Mac OS 10.2.2 or later (for earlier Mac versions, click here). The programs, Adobe Reader and QuickTime, are needed. Most computers have these programs already. But if you don’t, you can download them easily and for free (we give you full instructions).

If you are dissatisfied with this ebook for any reason, your money will be cheerfully refunded. To get a refund, just send an email within 8 weeks with the email address you used when you purchased the ebook, and your money will be refunded. You can keep the bonus articles even if you request a refund — just for spending the time to look over Reading Ledger Line Notes With Ease.

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