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Pro-Quality Home Recording Easier, Faster and Cheaper than you ever imagined!

In this Guide you will find these amazing things that you thought you will find in the state of the art recording studios in the country:

  • How hit songs are being recorded right now in a shockingly simple HOME studio
  • The so called “professional” home recording equipment you NEVER have to use (that can
  • actually make your recordings sound worse)
  • The opportunities that are wide open right now for getting heard by thousands (how to take advantage before others figure them out)
  • #1 simple pro trick to make room-filling home recordings immediately
  • If you have a computer and ANY kind of recording software (even free) I will show you exactly how to easily record and produce pro-quality home recordings

We got outpouring testimonials from our customers and glad to say that 100% positive in all angles. Here are the 5 top stories that we will share that makes us work harder for a much better product:

  1.  Blueprint Users Around the World Collaborate with Owen Critchley to Record New Song That Gets Mastered by the Black Eyed Peas Mastering Team and Then Gets Released Worldwide.
  2. Band Now Using The Blueprint and Was Added to Major Compilation CD
  3. Live Band Who Never Recorded Before, Used The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method and Now Sells Tons of CD’s at Their Gigs
  4. New Blueprint User’s Recording Used in Popular TV Series
  5.  Songwriter is Now Finally Submitting Songs to Contests and Opportunities With Confidence

Easy Home Recording Blueprint Users Are Now Being Heard By Thousands

Giddy? Okay, here’s how to get started:

You’ve got 3 choices to start making hit-quality recordings at home:

  1. Easy Home Recording Blueprint – Standard Edition: The Standard Edition includes the full Blueprint method without embedded audio.
  2. Easy Home Recording Blueprint – Premium Edition: Read along and listen too! Audio tips and tricks with my step-by-step commentary and music from real recording sessions in my studio.
    • You’ll be able to listen to step by step tips and examples. Including:
      • Building a monster drum track in less than a minute.
      • Hear and follow along as I build a huge vocal texture using just 3 or 4 tracks.
      • You’ll hear how to make spacious 3 dimensional mixes as I take you through the mix of a Billboard Song award winning song recorded using the “Easy Recording Blueprint method.
  3. Free 6 part mini-course- If you like, you can take your first step to becoming a “Blueprint Artist” by signing up for my mini-course and get a sneak peek at the simple Blueprint method.

How much is all this worth? Let’s compare…

It’s really a shame… but this is what others spend trying to get pro sound in their home studio

  • Typical recommended recording software – $300-$600
  • Extra software “plugins” – $250-$600
  • Mixing board – $600 -$1500
  • Effects and compression hardware – $900-$2000
  • Multiple expensive microphones – $700-$3000
  • Cables – $150-$250


Let’s look at the thousands you’ll save using the simple methods in the Easy Home Recording Blueprint

The Easy Home Recording Blueprint guides you through step-by-step to recording the kind of pro-quality tracks you always wanted, except all you’ll need is…

  • your own computer
  • free (or really cheap) recording software
  • 3 cables and
  • almost NO extra equipment.

All available by instant download, and designed to give you a massive shortcut to making your great records at home and making that future you pictured closer than you ever imagined.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or you just want recording pro-quality tracks at home to be simpler, cheaper and more fun.

Download Recording Home Studio For Free!